BREAKING: Kane Loses Yet Another Spokesman

Seven up, seven down.

Kathleen Kane’s longest tenured spokesman Chuck Ardo announced that he will step down as of Tuesday.

Ardo is literally driving out of the state right now to visit family in Ohio although he did take the time to talk to some journalists around the state.

“I just didn’t feel as though I could do the job in the manner I believed it needed to be done and the constant drumbeat of answering questions about a variety of scandals and alleged scandals has taken its toll,” Ardo told Steve Esack of the Morning Call. “On Tuesday morning, it is my intention to terminate my contract.”

“I could no longer in good conscience do the job she had hired me to do,” he told Wallace McKelvey of the Patriot-News. “I’m not particularly religious and there are lots of people who would wonder about my ethics, but I try to be honest and I try to be transparent. It’s difficult to do this job with those values.”

It’s not clear if Ardo’s decision is the result of any one incident. This week, though, we did learn that the AG had yelled at him for letting McKelvey into the Harrisburg office and that Kane’s driver is still receiving a paycheck despite being convicted and sentenced to prison for criminal contempt.

Regardless, Kane has lost her most valuable press aide who was with her for thirteen months. That’s an eternity by her standards, as by our count Ardo is the seventh spokesman to walk away.

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