PA-Gov: McGinty Airs Second TV Ad This Week

Spring seems to have brought along the season of TV ads.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie McGinty has released the second ad of the week for her campaign. On Tuesday, the campaign unveiled a spot focused on clean energy. Today the emphasis is on the middle class.

“I’m Katie McGinty. I’m from a working family and running for Governor to champion those who clock in, work hard, and need a hand,” the candidate states.

She goes on to pledge scholarships for middle-class students and to restore Gov. Corbett’s cuts to education funding through a tax on oil and gas companies.

“I’ll raise the minimum wage, including for restaurant workers, helping those working hard to get into the middle class,” McGinty concludes.

McGinty and Wolf were the lone candidates to have any sort of TV presence for quite awhile. With the news that Corbett and McCord are hitting the airwaves, these latest ads could be a real test of her campaign. If they break through it would be a major victory for her, if they don’t she’ll have few options left to break ahead of the pack.

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2 thoughts on “PA-Gov: McGinty Airs Second TV Ad This Week”

  1. MaryPA says:

    Love this ad. She has my vote!

  2. D. Miller says:

    Typical Democrat platform all I heard was tax tax spend spend spend

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