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10/6 Ups & Downs

Murphy is forced to resign, Wolf fires up his base and pushes for campaign promises, Shapiro starts to make a name for himself nationally, political reporters get lots of new material, and the 7th Congressional district earns a dubious distinction.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!


Down Arrow Tim Murphy.  Congressman Tim Murphy announced this week he will resign his seat in Congress under 24 hours after he announced he will not be running for re-election after leaked documents showed he had pressured the woman he had an affair with to get an abortion.  In a cautionary tale for all elected officials, Politico reports that Murphy’s final push out the door came as a result of ongoing mistreatment of staffers.



Up-Arrow4-2 Tom Wolf.  Governor Tom Wolf announced this week he will take unilateral action to close the budget gap unless the House passes a compromise revenue package.  The move will likely be used on the campaign trail to fire up his base and show he is putting the pressure on to get the severance tax he campaigned on in 2014.  The move would also tie liquor system revenues to the debt for the duration of the loan, effectively ending the Republican push to privatize the state’s liquor system until then.




Josh Shapiro.  Attorney General Josh Shapiro has been gaining national attention for his newly announced lawsuit against Navient, the largest U.S. student-loan servicer.  The attention comes as Shapiro has been traveling the state and the country building a name for himself.  



Down Arrow


Dept. of Health.  The state’s Department of Health is continuing its fight to withhold information on the panelists who decided who would receive the state medical marijuana permits.  The decision has received bad press across the state and raising questions about how the decisions were made.  





Political Reporters.  With the announcement from Congressman Tim Murphy that he will be resigning, political reporters will have plenty to write about in the coming weeks as candidates of both parties begin to jockey for position leading into the special election.  



Down Arrow


7th Congressional District.  Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional district received the distinction of being named one of the three most gerrymandered districts in the country by CNN.



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The tweet of the week goes to Mother Jones Reporter Tim Murphy for his tweet about the problems of sharing a name.

3 Responses

  1. Shapiro – when a RESPECTED mentor says “DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM” he means it. Shapiro is building his way to Governor and possible Federal Senate race over the bones on many. His team includes the current Montgomery county DA who is running for AG after Shapiro is done via secret grand Jury in Montgomery County.
    He has his own drum and bugle corps (paid staff) to build up attention for him. He has never stayed in one job long enough to actually measure something of value.

  2. So Josh “Loyalty is not my strong suit” Shapiro is running around “trying to make a name for himself” by attacking Trump.

    How exactly does a lackluster Democrat like Shapiro distinguish himself from an already crowded field that are all playing that same tired game? Quick, someone give me 5 differences between Shapiro and that clown Daylin Leach, and one of them cannot be use of the term “sh!t gibbon.”

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