UPDATED: Laureen Cummings: A Candidate Everybody Can Meet

By Meghan Schiller, Contributing Writer
Let’s face it. Meeting a politican face-to-face is a thing of the past. Technology now allows us to be virtual “friends” with a U.S. Senate hopeful if we so chose, as a way to educate ourselves on the person’s political beliefs and happenings. 
Potential 2012 U.S. Senate candidate Laureen Cummings, at right.

Meet Laureen E. Cummings. At first glance, before sending a friend request to the woman who will run against Bob Casey in 2012, one can learn a lot from her public Facebook.

  • Fast facts:
    She lives in Old Forge, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.
    Originally from Moosic, Pennsylvania.
    Religious views: Protestant
    Political views: Republican party
    Music: Kenny Chesney
    Books: The Bible
    TV: Fox news
    Activities: Voting and the Old Forge Blue Devils (a sports team from her hometown)
    Interested in: Men
    Relationship status: Single.

Her four profile photos reveal that she is blonde, of average height, and an avid supporter of the Tea Party. In fact, one photo is not of herself at all, but rather of Sarah Palin.

Cummings, a Rebublican newcomer to the world of politics, recently announced that she will be running against Bob Casey for Senate in 2012.

“I think we need more patriots (in Congress),” said Cummings on The David Madeira Show on WTRW-FM. “Next election, we need more patriots to get out there.”

So how is Laureen Cummings increasing her name recognition?  Through Facebook.

Within minutes of requesting her as a Facebook friend, she accepted and posted a friendly greeting on my wall reading, “Thank you for the friend request…so happy to meet you!”

Her new Facebook group, entitled  “Laureen E. Cummings campaign” posts a description stating, “This group is totally dedicated to ensuring the nomination and election of Laureen A. Cummings, of Old Forge, PA, to the US Senate seat currently held by Robert P. Casey, Jr.”

Cummings is a mother of four, including twins. She is a nurse and small businesswoman. While helping lead the Tea Party Movement in Northeast PA, she actively fights against ObamaCare. Most strongly, she believes in fiscal conservatism, leading many to refer to her as the “patriot” that our nation needs.

According to a recent post by Stephen R. Maloney, the manager of her campaign’s Facebook page, “Laureen A. Cummings favors replacing — completely — the income tax with the FairTax, a tax on the consumption of goods and services. The IRS would disappear, and its reign of terror would end”

“At some point (fairly soon), everyone in this group — and hopefully, every voter in PA — will get a short document showing why imposition of the FairTax is a no-brainer,” says Maloney.

She has 1,738 facebook friends.

In terms of policy, she supports abolition of the IRS replacing it with Fair Tax and can be classified as a Tea Party activist and constitutional conservative.

Cummings’ most recently uploaded a photo to her page that reads “If you repeat a lie often enough, you are a Democrat.”

The efforts of her Facebook page hope to garner national attention, but to some, the page may appear as merely a Tea-Party venting session.

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  2. Has a Facebook page without a face; most candidates have a face; The National Debt: Billions of dollars can be recovered from Medicare/Medicade Fraud when 1 victum of it is rewarded, yet to keep the Programs increases The Debt; Why do Government Fraud Programs choose to continually be the can that’s kicked down the road and how can a Victum not lose their only means of income to be a Whistleblower?

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