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Ad Watch: Governor’s Edition

The money has been secured … and now it’s time to spend it. Digital and linear viewers – you have been warned.

Here are the latest TV advertisements that have been released by the Republican campaigns for governor in our Commonwealth.

Dave White: Einsteins (0:30)

Quotable: “These two Einsteins have given is the highest inflation in 40 years. Under Wolf, Pennsylvania pays the highest gas tax and highest gas prices ever. You need a bank loan just to fill up.”

Jake Corman: Corman Took on The Wolf (0:15)

Quotable: “Corman beat Wolf’s tax increases, saving your family $1,400. Even better, Corman sued Wolf and got masks off our kids.”

Bill McSwain Will Get The Economy Back on Track (0:30)

Quotable: “McSwain is a marine, not a career politician. As governor, McSwain will lower taxes, cut regulations and get our economy back on track.”

Jason Richey: Join Our Movement Today (0:30)

Quotable: “Today, Pennsylvania is broken. I’m Jason Richey, a conservative outsider running for governor to make Pennsylvania a place of opportunity.”

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February 28, 2022

Ad Watch: Governor’s Edition

6 Responses

  1. With 10 names on the ballot, the GOP nominee could be a Trump-like clone, which would be a disaster. Shapiro is a Biden/Wolf liberal progressive. There are GOP Candidates in the field that are conservative pragmatists who could win. There are Trump wannabes too! GOP voters got it right in 1978 (with a much better field), let’s hope for the same 44 years later!

  2. Somebody should remind Dave White that Republican Gov Tom Corbett with overwhelming support from the legislature controlled by the Republicans enacted the largest gas tax increase in 2013. And it wasn’t a 1 time increase, it increased for several years in a row.

  3. At least Shapiro puts forth a positive a agenda of accomplishments and goals in his ads. Don’t see his ad here. The R’s are grievance based campaigns. Corman as usual lists the trivial as news worthy highlighting masks as a life victory. Sad. White seems to think demeaning people who done what he hasn’t done —win a state and national election— is attention getting. A marriage of the banal and pedantic.

    1. The catastrophe of the economy can be placed at far left Dems feet. The fact they aren’t doing anything to adjust their policies to fix it makes it worse.

      People are running against dems and their policies because they suck so bad.
      Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

      1. The messages of the ads are all Trumpian. You talk of Dems but the problem is these ads are not really about Dems they are about something bigger. They are about grievances. Corman speaks of his greatest achievement in public service is during a public health crisis where many died of a viral disease he “got masks off our kids”. One could disagree with Gov Wolf but the implication here is that Wolf had a deliberate public policy that was purposefully not helpful to people. This message is way beyond reasonable people differ and very much in the grievance arena. In his ad, White is basically demeaning two men by insulting them and cynically calling President Biden and Gove Wolf “those two Einsteins.” Think of it. Why the insults? Because it is a grievance tactic. They don’t care about you but I do.

        1. Negligent policy. Wolf’s policies and appointments were abysmal. He should be ashamed and he was/is. I support pragmatism and a fair shake, but the policies by this administration and the party were catastrophic to the economy and people. Studies supported much of the positions by Republicans of unmasking and the stupidity behind long term lockdowns.

          Dems screaming racism by Republicans on the house floor for wanting to end lockdowns was offensive to anyone with a brain.

          Wolf did not intend to ruin lives, but he’s an adult. Let him own it and this morons catering to the raw emotional response Pennsylvanians feel at Wolf’s face on a screen is going to be used.

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