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Another Big Enviro Buy in PA (With Video)

Groups seeking to rally support for environmental regulations and standards are continuing their push in Pa. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Mom’s Clean Air Force will begin airing television ads in the state today depicting a politician with a nebulizer.

“If every politician railing against every new clean air standard felt what it’s like to suffer from severe childhood asthma, they might have a harder time speaking out against it,” says a narrator. “After all, it’s kind of hard to talk with a nebulizer wrapped around your face.”

“Support the President’s EPA standards, and support our kids.”

The buy is seven figures in 12 markets across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC. The Pa. component includes Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

“This first-ever national industrial carbon pollution standard for power plants is essential to protect public health and reduce the effects of unchecked global warming including increasing smog and triggering asthma attacks and other health consequences,” said LCV President Gene Karpinski.  “The EPA is simply following the Clean Air Act – passed by Congress with bipartisan support – and two Supreme Court decisions by issuing the first national standard on dangerous carbon pollution that spews from the smokestacks of electric power plants every day.”

The coalition launched a similar ad – showing children wearing nebulizers in the halls of Congress – in early March.

The above ad is the version airing in Virginia.

2 Responses

  1. The Greenies are at it again. A pox on them and theirs and their UN Agenda 21 program. Sustainability and UN mandates will be opposed everywhere in this state. Too many people are on to them now.

    There is also some group that wants to demolish 3 hydro dams in the state. To make the existent environment more “natural”. It is natural now without the Greenies tearing down true cost effective, price competitive, “sustainable” energy production here. Agenda 21 again.

    They are from Seatle or somewhere nearby and they should put on thier organic hemp shoes and head right back there.

  2. These ads are so patently hyperbolic. Frankly, these groups would be doing just as much for the environment were they to take their 7 figures and throw it on a bonfire. Carbon hurting asthmatics? Fool me once.

    Here’s an ad for industry. Feel free to steal it. Imagine: a pristine Colorado field of wild flowers. Blue sky. Emaciated children strewn about. Voiceover: “No jobs, no food, and just Chinese pollution in the air. Brought to you by the EPA’s Constitutionally challenged regulators.” Just as hyperbolic.

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