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Arkoosh Bows Out of Senate Race

Val Arkoosh, chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, has suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination for the open Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat.

“We cannot let anything stand in the way of a Democrat being elected to the United States Senate. The stakes are just too high. And it’s become clear to me that the best way I can ensure that happens is to suspend my campaign today and commit to doing whatever I can to help ensure we flip this seat in November,” she said in a video statement. 

Arkoosh, a physician and public health official, never really gained traction with the Democratic base in trying to leverage her connections in the Philadelphia region. She was attempting to become the Commonwealth’s first woman senator.

Her departure leaves Conor Lamb, John Fetterman and Malcolm Kenyatta as the three remaining, top-tier Democratic candidates in the race.

10 Responses

  1. Val was never really in it. She originally got elected on Josh’s coattails, and a growing Dem majority in Montco. Since then, the Dem’s outnumber the Republicans by 85,000 voters in Montco. Any Dem with half a pulse can win in Montco. At State Committee, Val was the only candidate without a table of volunteers with signs/buttons. In a competitive statewide race, you can’t just sit back and do less than the minimum. She got 17 endorsement votes out of 250 to 300.

    I don’t agree about Fetterman doing better than Lamb in the Philly collar counties. Fetterman is from Allegheny county area, so he’s got no Southeast PA boost/connection.

    Lamb is a clean-cut guy who “looks” more like a Senator, and everyone expects Fetterman to show up in the Senate wearing his trademark shorts. But, appearances aside, Lamb has TWO advantages over Fetterman:
    1) Lamb is a sitting congressman, so he has relevant legislative experience
    2) Lamb won a very tough “redish” district. This is a strong indicator that he can win statewide in a “purple” Pennsylvania. So, if “electability” is a motivator for Dem primary voters, Lamb has the stronger argument.

    Of course, any of the Dem candidate (or even a dead cat) would be better than the GOP alternatives.

          1. Well, it does appear that Fetterman is the front runner. I don’t see Lamb doing very well in the collar counties of Philly and in Philly. That is where the primary will be decided. If this were a GOP primary it would be decided elsewhere.

          2. Fetterman my be the front runner now, but his internal poll numbers are whack, and it’s only February. Things will get tight in April, and people will start to worry about what we need to do to win in November.

          3. I looked at the poll details and it’s been reviewed by the media, it’s a completely legit poll by a very reputable polling firm. Face it, lamb is an unlikable and unprincipled nerd who will take whatever position he thinks will get him elected. People see that… that’s why his numbers continue to drop.

          4. CPA Dem, I am glad you looked at it and you give it your approval. That makes me feel so much better however, Conor Lamb is going to win.

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