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Barletta Considering Senate Bid


Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) is rumored to be considering a run for the U.S. Senate next year.  Barletta was an early supporter of then candidate Donald Trump, being one of the first members of Congress to endorse Trump.  

According to the Associated Press, Trump spoke with Barletta about a bid to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey earlier this week.  

Barletta is serving his fourth term in Congress.  Barletta built some statewide name recognition last year traveling across the state campaigning for Trump.  

Barletta was targeted by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in a digital ad buy in April over his support of the American Health Care Act.  

Former Senator Rick Santorum has voiced his support for a run by Barletta in a tweet last night.  

State Representatives Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) and Jim Christiana (R-Beaver), real estate developer Jeff Bartos, and RNC Delegate Andrew Schektor have all announced bids for Senate. Southeast businessman Paul Addis is considering a run for the Senate as well.

14 Responses

  1. After what Lou Barletta did to Hazleton, I would, under no circumstances, vote for him for anything. He left Hazleton with millions in debt to proceed with that dumb immigrant lawsuit not knowing you have to have hard proof for a court of law (not just hearsay). With no way to prove how many illegals were in Hazleton, he was laughed out of court. I guess when you cut the police force by one-third, crime will rise.

  2. Hey bungy, good to know you are keeping tabs on me!! Oh and don’t get too comfortable with your boy, Trump

  3. As a lifelong Democrat, I have never voted for Bob Casey. Never felt he was a real Democrat. Only now, after Trump won, has he gotten a backbone and started standing for something. He might be a Democrat after all! Riding on Daddy’s name – the only problem is that all those who remember his Daddy are dying off and he is going to have to actually go to different places in the Commonwealth that aren’t in Lackawanna County and run an actual campaign to go get some votes. Probably still won’t vote for him – even if it means getting Lou as a Senator. Couldn’t vote for McGinty either – but don’t get me started on that vapid empty suit.

  4. For I supported Bob Casey for his reelection bid in 2018 but I would support Lou Barletta for his potential reelection bid to congress in 2018.

  5. Now I hate Lou. I hate him more than anything.(Maybe more than Santorum) Lou is an ugly person- inside and out. He’s a want to be fascist. However, stop trying to make Kerns happen. It’s not going to happen.

  6. If Scott Wagner’s bid for governor has suffered irreparable damage as the result of his recent “grab” for publicity, Barletta’s bid might not be very wise.

    As part of a combined effort with a strong candidate for governor, Barletta might be able to do it. He’d have the support of Catholics who feel betrayed by Casey, as well as most voters in the flyover regions who have come to dislike Casey. This alone might get him the votes he needs. But a strong Republican candidate running against Wolf might offer some cneeded momentum at the polls.

    If Wagner’s campaign recovers, Barletta would be advised to give it some thought. Otherwise, he’s on his own.

  7. Rick Santorum to Lou Barletta? From one idiot hater to another idiot hater.

  8. Rick Santorum endorsed him? That makes him more of the same GOP establishment types.

  9. He needs to worry about his own seat, there is no way he would beat Casey. I think he will have a tough Congressional Challenge, also.

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