Barletta, Marino Among Trump’s Most Trusted Supporters in D.C.

Barletta-MarinoTwo PA Congressional Republicans are among Donald Trump’s top supporters on Capitol Hill.

That’s according to Amber Phillips of the Washington Post, who ranked the top six Congressmen The Donald has the most trust in. Reps. Lou Barletta and Tom Marino ended up sharing fifth place.

“Okay, we cheated by putting two people in the fifth spot. But it’s tough to mention one Pennsylvania Republican without the other,” Phillips writes. “Trump insiders say both men’s endorsements were crucial in helping Trump win Pennsylvania in April.”

“That night, you’ll recall, was Trump’s five-state sweep in the Northeastern primary and seemingly the beginning of the end of the Republican nominating contests,” she continues. “Barletta is an immigration hard-liner who likes Trump’s idea to build a wall, and Marino, who represents a conservative, more rural section of northeastern Pennsylvania, told Politico that endorsing Trump was ‘one of my life-changing moments.’”

The two Congressmen were the first PA lawmakers to back the New Yorker, with Rep. Marino endorsing Trump on March 1st followed by Rep. Barletta on March 22nd.

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  1. Tim says:

    A real estate investor and campaign contributor to District Attorney Seth Williams’ past political campaigns says Williams asked him, “as a favor,” to rent his ex-wife a house at a below-market rate three year ago.

    Robert Herdelin, who owns property in the city, in the suburbs, and at the Jersey Shore, said in an interview that he agreed to rent a 3,056-square-foot, four-bedroom house in Drexel Hill to Sonita Williams for $1,000 per month. Herdelin said he believed the house could have brought in $2,500 a month.

    “She didn’t have much money, and Seth asked me as a favor to try to give her a break for $1,000 per month,” Herdelin said.

    The rental arrangement has drawn the attention of the FBI, Herdelin said, with agents visiting him in October and again this year.
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  2. bungy says:

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  3. Seth Williams' New Chief of Staff and General Counsel says:

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  4. Tim says:


  5. Pat Unger says:

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  6. Tim says:


  7. Tim says:

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    It will be a new day when the Trumpmeister takes office, that is if he can make it through all the anti-white racist rioters attacking his supporters at his rallies and the upcoming convention in Cleveland. These rioters hate whites and hate America. They need to be arrested and jailed. We have no tolerance for this behavior. Someone will fight back and exercise the 2nd amendment rights in order to protect themselves. This is America after all.
    I’m sick of you lefties bashing Trump. He’s a fine man with a lot more on the ball than that stroke patient, crooked Hillary.

  8. William Stauffer says:

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  9. Sue says:

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  10. Karen Kurzinger says:

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  11. William Stauffer says:

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  12. HaHaHa says:

    I’ll bet Trump laughs at these idiots like he does the “students” at Trump University!! Losers. Lemmings.

    These clowns should know better. They don’t care about America enough to stand up and announce that Trump is a fraud. He is a two-bit con-artist.

  13. gulagPittsburgh says:

    And I thought Louis DeNaples was Trump’s best buddy in PA.

  14. gulagPittsburgh says:

    I thought the life-changing moment was becoming a “made man”?

  15. Pat Unger says:

    Barletta and Marino. Remember those names. They will get their comeuppance.

  16. Reasonable Rep says:

    A “life-changing moment” for Marino? The religious devotion to this clown is pathetic on a personal level.

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