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Bartos Officially Suspends Senate Campaign, Joins Wagner as LG Candidate

Republican businessman Jeff Bartos officially announced today that he is suspending his Senate campaign to join state Senator Scott Wagner’s campaign as his Lieutenant Governor candidate.

“Jeff is a great guy who wants to change the way Harrisburg works,” Wagner said in a release announcing the team.  

The two said the decision had come after getting to know each other on the campaign trail, and Bartos realizing he could change more of what he wanted from the Lieutenant Governor’s office than the Senate.  

“The more Scott and I talked, the more I found the issues I cared most about were state and local issues,” Bartos said during the press conference.  

The move by Bartos takes out one of the largest obstacles of Congressman Lou Barletta’s run for Senate.  At the last filing, Bartos had the most cash on hand of the Republican Senate candidates.  Bartos said today his lawyers and fundraisers are working to move as much money from his Senate campaign to his Lieutenant Governor campaign.  

Bartos and Wagner will both have to win independently in the primary next year to officially become running mates for the campaign.  Neither Wagner or Bartos directly answered what they would do if one of them won but the other did not.

The announcement also served as an opportunity for state Senator David Argall (R-Berks), who had been rumored to be considering a run for Lieutenant Governor, to announce he would not be seeking the seat.  

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party went on the offensive against Wagner over healthcare, which will likely be a key issue in the race.  

“It doesn’t matter who Scott Wagner adds to his team, he’s far too conservative and will will gut Medicaid, roll back coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, strip health care options away from women, and charge seniors an age tax,” Pa. Dems Communications Director Beth Melena said in an email.

9 Responses

  1. unfortunately, he just comes off as a guy who wants to be somebody. First he has the audacity to run for the Senate. And now that it would not work decides that Lt. Governor is more his speed. It is not very impressive and my guess is he will lose in the Primary, but not after Wagner sucks enough money out of him so he will not have to dig as deep into his pocket.

  2. I will support for Scott Wagner for Governor and now and i will support Jeff Bartos for Lieutenant Governor because them both can defeat the Incumbent Governor Tom Wolf and the likely Democratic Nominee Madeleine Dean into the general election.

  3. Two outsiders with outstanding records in business is exactly what we need! Wagner/Bartos all the way!

  4. “Bartos realizing he could change more of what he wanted from the Lieutenant Governor’s office than the Senate.”

    Really? How many tie votes does he think he would break as Lt Gov?

    “Neither Wagner or Bartos directly answered what they would do if one of them won but the other did not.”
    Um.. Answer: Not give two f*cks about the other guy

  5. With Wagner and Barletta at the top of the ticket, Southeast Republicans can kiss their seats good-bye!

    1. you are SOOOO incorrect; both are quality individuals
      also, avoiding a bruising-primary is desirable

      1. Were you asleep when the results came in on Tuesday night? Southeast Republicans were decimated at the local level for one reason: Donald Trump. So now the PA GOP is going to nominate Trump Jr (Wagner) and Trump’s biggest cheerleader in Congress (Barletta). Do you really think Southeast PA voters aren’t going to come back out and once again send a message? But this time, they’ll be sending a real message to Washington.

        Good luck, SEPA Republicans. You get what you deserve for staying silent and let Trump hijack your party for a one-time electoral win. Now you’ll all lose your seats as a consequence of that decision. Good luck, you’ll need it.

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