BREAKING: DNC Reveals Convention Speakers

Wells-Fargo-CenterThe Democratic National Convention Committee has finally released a more exhaustive list of speakers for next week’s ceremony.

The names of the headliners, celebrities, PA officials had already leaked out and more are to be added but here are the names that were presented.

Additional speakers at the Democratic National Convention Committee in alphabetical order, include:

State Representative Raumesh Akbari (Tennessee)
Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (Ohio)
Congressman Xavier Becerra (California)
Columbia, SC Mayor Steve Benjamin
Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey)
Senator Barbara Boxer (California)
Congressman Brendan Boyle (Pennsylvania)
Congressman Bob Brady (Pennsylvania)
Governor Jerry Brown (California)
Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio)
Senator Bob Casey (Pennsylvania)
Congressman Joaquin Castro (Texas)
Congressman James Clyburn (South Carolina)
Congressman Joseph Crowley (New York)
Governor Andrew Cuomo (New York)
Governor Mark Dayton (Minnesota)
Former Governor Howard Dean (Vermont)
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan
Majority Leader State Representative Crisanta Duran (Colorado)
Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (New Mexico)
Chillicothe, OH Mayor Luke Feeney
State Representative Peggy Flanagan (Minnesota)
Senator Al Franken (Minnesota)
Congressman Ruben Gallego (Arizona)
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords & Captain Mark Kelly (Arizona)
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York)
Tallahassee, FL Mayor Andrew Gillum
Former Governor Jennifer Granholm (Michigan)
Congressman Luis Gutierrez (Illinois)
Former Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa)
Democratic State Party Chair Jaime Harrison (South Carolina)
Governor John Hickenlooper (Colorado)
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas)
Senator Tim Kaine (Virginia)
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney
State Senator Ruben Kihuen (Nevada)
Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota)
Congressman Ted Lieu (California)
Congresswoman Nita Lowey (New York)
Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (Kentucky)
Governor Terry McAuliffe (Virginia)
Congresswoman Gwen Moore (Wisconsin)
Senator Chris Murphy (Connecticut)
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (California)
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (Washington, DC)
Former Governor Martin O’Malley (Maryland)
House Minority Leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nevada)
Congressman Adam Schiff (California)
Senator Chuck Schumer (New York)
Former State Representative Bakari Sellers (South Carolina)
Senator Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)
State Senator Pat Spearman (Nevada)
Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh
Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts)
Congresswoman Maxine Waters (California)
Flint, MI Mayor Karen Weaver
Governor Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania)

45 Responses

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  5. You’ve bought into Trump’s message of fear, doom, and hate. That’s the only thing he has to offer since he has no policy plans.
    Our country is already great. President Obama has done a wonderful job and will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents ever.

  6. US is the best country in the world. The fear-mongering out of CLE is sheer nonsense.

    Hillary will make a great POTUS.

  7. These Speakers are all the People who have gotten the USA Into the mess it is currently in . God Save The Queen ( Not hilLIARy )

  8. Trayvon Martin’s + The “Gentle Giant” – Mike Brown’s mothers will be speaking there too! But rooked Hillary has no mother’s or wives of polce officers killed by blacks to tell their stories! The Dems must keep their “PC” narrative alive and well so as not to “offend or trigger” the ethnic groups they are pandering to in order to extract votes! Expect riots and protest as Bernie supporters are going “ape” in the newest release of DNC e-mails showing how Clinton and the DNC did everything they could to screw Bernie!

    This set of e-mails involving the Dems and Clinton is just the first in a series of releases planned by Wikileaks. By the time all of the damning e-mails are released, you will agree too, that, Crooked Hillary lied her butt of and should be in prison! She’s a criminal in my opinion, who needs to pay for her crimes!

  9. Unsanctioned R, I have to agree. There’s plenty of criticism to go around regarding the RNC but there is absolutely no question the DNC is playing to the lunatic fringe to keep Bernie’s people on board. Sheila Jackson Lee? Seriously?

  10. Hey HaHaHa, I’m not voting for either of the two reprobates the major parties have nominated. Trump isn’t a republican and Hilary is a total disgrace. My point is at least the RNC was interesting, the DNC is a bunch of lunatic retreads. Tim Kaine is as boring as Bob Casey, Jr., and I doubt he’ll do anything to help the Clinton campaign.

  11. ALL LIBERAL COP HATING SCUM. I CAN’T wait until the COPS all turn their Backs on LYING KROOKED KILLARY.

  12. Hey Murph. We’ll be awake for the Convention ….and WIDE AWAKE in November too. Trump is a national embarrassment. And a two-bit grifter. Maybe worse.

  13. The RNC would have been hilarious if it were not absurd if it were not seriously the Rep National party and their nominee. Wow, it takes two days to blame the speechwriter but best quote “Michelle Obama is one of the people Mrs Trump admires.” and Ted Cruz, couldnt muster enough integrity to not speak at the man’s convention that he detests.

    RNC – Big Tent of Sore losers every one!

  14. Wait. Alan Kennedy Shaffer is not on the list. Does that mean he could be the secret VP pick?

  15. Now, this will be a convention,
    The republicans hosted a shameful, lynching party,
    Trump’s closing message seem to be, ” be afraid, be very afraid, grab your guns, o gun? run it and buy a few” ( Bad message to the American people, no hope, gloom and doom, that is not American’s people.
    American, First in Peace, First in Readiness.
    Stronger Together

  16. I hope that the Democrats have a safe and success convention in Philadelphia. I welcome them to Philadelphia. I hope they spend lots of money and leave big tips. I also would hope that they travel outside the downtown tourist areas and ride the Frankford El or the Broad Street Subway on SEPTA Day pass and see the real Philadelphia where the majority of their party members actually live.

  17. The big problem the democrats have with this list is there’s no one on it the general public wants to hear from. Regardless of what you think of the speakers at the RNC, the message of law and order got out to the masses because people tuned in to see what would happen. The list of DNC speakers is underwhelming at best. The list, with a few exceptions, vacillates between very boring (Barbara Boxer and Tom Harkin) and complete lunacy (Sheila Jackson Lee and Bill de Blasio).

  18. Let’s see. We have the Democrats who currently represent Philadelphia as Mayor, Congressmen, Senator and Governor. Yeah, the Second District is currently vacant. But that’s it for Pennsylvania. And probably the right list.

  19. Keep it compassionate,talk issues ,Talk about The Lack of disrespect our children and defend our great President his accomplishments with out GOP help and play Trumps insulting videos a nd most of speak up on the sick words spoke about OUR nest President Hillry Clinton

  20. There are very few liberal office holders in Pennsylvania. But DNC managed to choose none of them to speak. Boyle? Nonsense. How about Pa State Senator Daylin Leach, known as the liberal lion of Pa Senate? ( yes takeoff on Ted Kennedy). But I admitted it. Or include our candidate for Attorney General? I get our Senator Casey and our Governor Wolf, but the others?

  21. It’s interesting that Sen. Casey will be speaking at the DNC convention next week…especially after they shut out his pro-life father. On a scale of 1-10, what are the chances he mentions his stated opposition to the party’s radical tax-payer funded abortion on demand platform?

  22. Hillary VP finalists not listed: Vilsack; Julian Castro (reportedly out of the running); Tom Perez. Finalists listed here: Warren (also reportedly out of the running); Booker; Kaine. May mean something, may mean nothing. Think we’ll know by tomorrow.

  23. I’m pretty impressed with the speakers lined up for the DNC. Those complaining about the lack of ‘liberals and progressives’ are Bernie supporters who are having a hard time with the fact he’s not the nominee.

  24. My goodness so many snide remarks we are better than that circus they had! Please our lives depend on our candidate! She has substance, she has intelligence! So please let’s stick together help her, love her and live our lives without fear from Trump!!!
    The haters the name callers are not of our party! I can’t wait for ours! Praying for a peaceful convention! Don’t like her stay away from our sites please.

  25. Wow we have some Jealousy here among Bloggers don’t Hate because the RNC was a Mess! Please don’t watch and Maybe you will feel Better. The Easy way is Just Let It Go!! GO DNC Go DNC u ROCK!

  26. what, no rock stars, tv survivor show stars, or children of rich developers? at least newly- indicted barbara Hafer isn’t on it.

  27. Did “Philly Politico” really refer to Governor Jerry Brown as “The Hippie”. He only saved the State of California a SECOND time ! If you are REALLY from my home town you’ll understand this : Vaffanculo!”

  28. All of the PA electeds speaking are white and male. The rest of the roster is diverse and includes former electeds and state legislators

  29. I’m glad to see that the color spectrum on my tv will at least be needed next week. The last 3 nights, the only colors coming out of my tv screen was white with an occasional flash of orange when Trump himself steps on stage. The last time that arena in Cleveland saw so many old white faces was when the Barry Manilow retirement tour went through town.

  30. There’s a list of how liberal you are @PhillyPolitico ?
    How do I get on it?

  31. At least Scott Baio isn’t on the list, that’s a vast improvement on The RNC speaker list!

  32. Only maybe 2 liberals or progressives?

    Congressman Xavier Becerra (California – Progressive Caucus Member
    Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey) – 3rd most liberal member of the senate
    Senator Barbara Boxer (California)
    Governor Jerry Brown (California) – The hippie?
    Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio) – Co-Founder of Progressive Caucus. Sixth most liberal member of the senate.
    Former Governor Howard Dean (Vermont)
    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – The socialist?
    Senator Al Franken (Minnesota) – 8th most liberal member of the Senate (2 more than Bernie!)
    Congressman Ruben Gallego (Arizona) – Vice chair of progressive caucus
    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
    Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords & Captain Mark Kelly (Arizona)
    Former Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa) – liberal icon from his time in the Senate
    Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas) – Progressive Caucus
    Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (California) – The one who married gay couples in 2004?
    Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (Washington, DC) – Progressive caucus
    House Minority Leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi – Seriously?
    Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) – …

    This was basically just in ten minutes. The stage is full of liberals and progressives–including some more liberal than Saint Bernard. Just stop it.

  33. Wow. What a bunch of Corporate Centrists. Only maybe 2 liberals or progressives on the whole list. Will they wear stickers with their Corporate Sponsors so we can see who they work for?

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