BREAKING: Ex-Allentown Controller Charged

pawlowskiThe FBI sting investigation in Allentown has snagged its first elected official.

According to Emily Opilo of the Morning Call, former Allentown Controller Mary Ellen Koval has been charged with conspiracy to commit honest services fraud.

Koval is set to appear in court tomorrow.

The former Controller allegedly accepted money from campaign donors, including developer Ramzi Haddad, in exchange for the approval of certain projects. Just last week, Koval was forced to resign in the face of impending charges.

This indictment came as a result of the sting operation the FBI undertook with political consultant Mike Fleck that has Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, among others, in legal hot water.

The revelation of this scandal caused Pawlowski to abandon his 2016 Senate campaign last year.

8 Responses

  1. Oh David,
    Your excuses are pathetic and tiresome. Kane has been charged because she abused her office and her power. You never would tolerate similar actions from members of the opposite party. She was never qualified for the office. Her attempts to hang onto power represent a quality you share with her-both pathetic.

  2. Ha3 is a liar-

    “Why didn’t Kane have the dignity to resign before she was charged?”

    1) Maybe because she thinks she will be acquitted
    2) The ONLY reason for the charges against Kane were to get her to resign, rather than any pursuit of justice.

  3. WAh!Wah!Wah! All we hear about is how Kane shouldn’t resign until she is convicted. Congrats to Mary Ellen Koval for resigning at the hint of FACING CHARGES. BTW that is how the Feds do it. Resign before we charge you and it will go easier. Why didn’t Kane have the dignity to resign before she was charged? Will all the Kane shills talk about Koval shouldn’t have resigned until her “due process” plays out in a court of law????

  4. One wonders why AG Kane is being prosecuted for one alleged leak and the powers that be are ignoring the MANY ILLEGAL LEAKS from Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

  5. One wonders why the Pennsylvania Attorney General has not investigated and prosecuted political corruption. Relying on the FBI and DOJ to prosecute political corruption is an evidence of incompetence or worse.

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