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BREAKING: Ex-Treasurer Hafer Indicted

Barabara HaferThis is the second PA State Treasurer to be indicted in the last few years, and there’s likely a connection between the two.

As first reported by Mark Fazlollah, Craig R. McCoy and Dylan Purcell of the Inquirer, ex-State Treasurer Barbara Hafer has been indicted. She is being charged with lying about taking more than $500,000 in consulting fees from a company that did business with her office.

Prosecutors are also charging one of her largest donors, Richard Ireland, for giving a “secret” campaign contribution of more than half a million dollars to former State Treasurer Rob McCord.

McCord was forced to resign in last year after pleading guilty to two counts of extortion. It was later revealed that he was wearing an FBI wire.

It is quite possible that the charges against Hafer and Ireland are a result of that wire.

18 Responses

  1. This woman acts and LOOKS like a Republican. Toomey should send her to Guantanamo.

  2. Another Democrat leader under indictment. I’d want to say “but she used to be” also. Ever wonder why Republicans showed her the door?

  3. Started her thievery as a Republican – which she was her WHOLE LIFE up until 2003.

    In fact – she was only a D in office for 2 or 3 years

  4. It seems that corruption in PA politics can be hereditary and passed from one office holder to the next.

    Until we start executing these thieves, nothing will change.

  5. Sounds like she committed her transgressions when she was still an “R” which proves nothing. It doesn’t matter what stripe the person is, the temptation is there. I guess office holders do the things they do because they never think they will get caught.

  6. Justice finally comes home for this corrupt liar who has been in the public trough for a lifetime…put her in jail

  7. Dems hurrying to get the indictments of their own Dem criminals done before the Novemeber elections so we’ll all forget about it! Ha! most of you don’t even know she’s Dem.

    Usually it is Dem crime. Not always. But usually.

  8. If only former Lt. Governor & State Treasurer Catherine Baker Knoll was still alive to hear this news. She would have been delighted and vindicated.

  9. the chief prosecutor out of the middle district US attorneys office is consiglio, the same guy who did such a masterful job in prosecuting the crooked kids-for-cash judges ciavecchia and conahan , (both now dis barred and serving jail time .) looks like an interesting case. the indictment says Hafer denied having a contract with *person1* to the FBI, and the FBI then showed her a copy of the contract she and *person1* had signed. oops !

    wonder if *person1* is the developer doing the $$$300 mm gettysburg gateway project- monahan group our of NYC???

  10. Barbara Hafer = Republican for 40+ years.

    Unsanctioned = (R)ETARD his whole life

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