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BREAKING: Fina Sues Kane

Fina KaneThis whole saga just keeps going and going…

On the same day all five Philly Councilwomen called for his firing, Frank Fina is suing the people he feels are responsible for his predicament.

According to Steve Esack of the Morning Call, Fina and his fellow prosecutors Marc Costanzo, Richard Sheetz and Randy Feathers, as well as former State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan, are suing the Attorney General.

Kane isn’t the only target of this lawsuit, however, as the Philadelphia Daily News, reporter Chris Brennan and Agent Miletto are also being dragged into this.

At issue are the emails Kane released and the 2014 Daily News story, the same one which contained grand jury information that the AG leaked, which Fina et al. claim portrayed them in a negative light.

“Upon assuming office, defendant Kane has misused the power of her office, and its publicly funded resources, for the purpose of silencing her critics through a pattern of intimidation, attempted blackmail, and vindictive retaliation against those persons who have lawfully exposed defendant Kane’s falsehoods, unlawful activities, and violations of her oath of office,” the lawsuit states.

“Kane’s pattern of falsehoods, distraction and retaliation has been amply displayed through her arrests, the emergency suspension of her license to practice law and her repeated material falsehoods made to the public, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Supervising Judge of a Grand Jury and the members of a Statewide Investigating Grand Jury,” it continues.

Overall, this is just the latest chapter in the long-running war between Kane and Fina.

48 Responses

  1. This Frank Fina should be GETTING SUED:

    1) Sheilah Novasky met Frank Fina for the first time while she was waiting to testify before a grand jury in the state’s case against DeWeese. She said she sat in a small room with seven men – including Fina.

    Fina repeatedly asked bout two things: How many women on DeWeese’s staff were sleeping with Manzo? And did she know about Frameli’s “breast enhancements”?
    Novasky then went before the grand jury. Fina asked her nothing about breasts or Manzo’s sexual relationships.

    “I think it was for their own amusement,” Novasky said. “There is a line between intimidation and interrogation and they crossed the lines whenever they concentrated on the sexual antics, which had nothing to do with [the case] …”

    “Fina was saying that we were exchanging political emails on state time and that it was illegal,” said Melissa Frameli. “It’s pretty sick that they were doing the same thing that they were screaming at us for – and our emails were related to political work, they weren’t degrading toward women or towards men, they weren’t pornographic in nature.”

    2) Frameli recalled that Fina was fixated on her personal relationship with DeWeese’s chief of staff, Michael Manzo, and whether she had spent her bonus money on a “boob job.” He accused her of “whoring around,” unleashing a string of profanity and “F-bombs,” she said. …

    “He was completely putting me down and saying I was going to get in trouble for sleeping with my boss. Screaming at me, and saying that I used my bonus to get a boob job and that I was a disgrace, basically . . . I felt very degraded by him. I felt very degraded as a woman.”

    Fina, now a city prosecutor for District Attorney Seth Williams, declined to comment yesterday. Williams’ spokesman, Cameron Kline, said Fina is not “taking any questions from the media.”

  2. Updated poll numbers:

    Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes – 46%
    No – 54%

  3. Spongebob –

    No. 13% think that an actual impeachment trial is within the Senate’s powers, and Kane would get a change to call witnesses and challenge evidence.

  4. It seems like you are reading it she way you want it to read. The question is whether the Senate is acting properly. 53% say No. I voted for “No – Start impeachment hearings” because I want Kane to have a full trial – which would happen if they try to impeach her. I would only want her removed from office after she has had a chance to defend herself. But I have no idea if there is reason to remove her or not. That would be the issue at the trial.

    Bottom line is that they should move to impeach her if they want her gone before her criminal trial. What they are trying to do now is not fair.

  5. yeah but 13 of the 53 want her impeached. Doesn’t that shoot a hole in your argument? They are saying skip the senate thing and go straight for removal.

  6. Maybe some of the 53% are now making themselves heard!!

    Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes, it’s a legitimate method of investigation. (47%)
    No, the legislature should wait until her trial is over. (40%)
    No, the legislature should start impeachment proceedings instead. (13%)

  7. Why does this thread feel like the same person commenting to themselves under any screen names? Oh that’s right because it is….

  8. Fina’s attorney:

    “Our clients… have not sought the spotlight. They are not politicians. They are law enforcement officers and prosectors … ”

    Perhaps he missed the part when Frank Fina challenged Kane to a televised debate. That was before his e-mails were revealed.

    Perhaps he missed the part when Fina went on national TV to violate the Rules of Ethics in the PSU 3 case. Fina doesn’t like the spotlight now … because the spotlight is on him.

    Perhaps he missed the part where Fina said that he “is a lawyer” and doesn’t “need a lawyer.” LOL – now his lawyer is speaking while he says “no comment.”

  9. Let me get this straight. Fina used his State computer to send racist material to his white buddies. He did it at work. That’s stealing from the taxpayers of PA. Now files a lawsuit trying to get more of Pennsylvania’s money? This guy has no shame.

    It is now abundantly clear to everyone what Kane has been up against since she discovered the e-mails of Fina and his buddies.

    Corbett and Ryan tried to destroy the e-mails; but they failed. Kane found them when she did as she promised to do while campaigning – look into why Sandusky was allowed to stay a free man for so long and continue to rape children.

  10. If anyone would know what “misuse of power” and “blackmail” looks like and how it is done, it would be Frank Fina. Get the popcorn!

  11. No, Elroy. It will not.

    If Kane is smart (who knows about that one), she will schedule Frank Fina’s deposition as quickly as possible (assuming the case makes it through a 12b6 motion – which it may not).

    Kane has 5th Amendment rights by virtue of the criminal charges in Mont Co. She could and should exercise those rights whenever anyone wants to question her. Fina has the same rights, but would be admitting he is a criminal if he exerts them. Plus – he could not go forward with his lawsuit if he refuses to answer questions at a deposition.

    IMO – this will backfire on Fina. He probably just did it for the Press. And that already seems to be backfiring. See below.

  12. Fina is reported to be a brilliant attorney.
    Will his Federal lawsuit protect him from appearing as a witness in the Kane trial?

  13. Baldwin? Baldwin?? Baldwin!?!

    That’s all you got, sklaroff. The wheels are falling off the Kane-Hating Clown Car and all you got is Baldwin?

    Has Eakin resigned yet?

  14. Verde– can you give any more info on the secretary Fina prosecuted for using her office computer?

  15. At the risk of stimulating conspiratorial minds, I’m curious where y’all place Cynthia Baldwin into your web of leaks and the reactions thereto.

  16. Marie-

    “He is either really loyal or really stupid.”

    You left out: or an even bigger POS.

  17. Agreed O2. Hope Fina doesn’t go all Bud Dwyer (a name brought up often by the loons attacking Kane).

    No one is even bringing up what Fina did on the PSU3 case. All kinds of ethical violations there.

    Seth Williams seems to still be supporting this POS Fina. He is either really loyal or really stupid. The women and Blacks in the DA’s Office certainly don’t like Fina being their colleague.

  18. Fina is in a panic—not sleeping at night? His crazy over-response indicates the man is breaking under the pressure of his own malicious behavior. Next, ones imagines he’ll sue Politics PA and all the commenters that think he is “going down.” This guy is his own worst enemy. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is Seth Williams going to do now?

  19. Kane will continue to expose all the Bad Boys She will bring down the whole Pennsylvania Government . I am Glad Kane is doing everything she can to expose these Porn Peddlers Every Case These Porn addicts worked on should have any Judgements against them Vacated . These Porn Freaks have totally Tainted The Justice system in Pennsylvania .

  20. This is a Testosterone Driven Vendetta aginst The Woman who danes to take over a position they think belongs to a Republican MAN and Not a Democratic Woman . This is a Vast Republican White Male Conspiracy against Kathy Kane . These guys that Filed suit lack Standing to File suit because they dont represent The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania so this suit will be thrown out of Court

  21. Jack

    If Fina is suing the newspaper about leaks, and if I were any newspaper in the state, I’d publish his name if he were a source for any leaks.

  22. seems to be the only legitimate news source and uncompromised media in PA.

    Some funny comments on this thread today, while also making legitimate points. PA could probably close the budget gap by selling lickets to Frank Fina deposition. Make sure it’s held in a big room with oversized monitors for showing the exhibits, like the bestiality videos and 100 year old woman having sex. Perverts would be surcharged a servicing fee and get to sit in a darkened corner.

  23. Dave, I think they would have to complete written interogatories on both sides prior to testimony. Also, there are other litigants in addition to Fina. Now since Kane was acting in accordance to her duties I would think any judgements would have to be paid by the State. So if thought this would never affect you as an individual it just may in the form of a large judgement. I’m curious as to why other than Kane or Miletto why others weren’t sued.

  24. Spongebob-

    Fina would have to state his case first. Kane wouldn’t even have to testify, if Fina has no case or decides to drop it once Kane’s attorney starts asking questions.

    Questions to Fina:
    1) Have YOU ever leaked information to Inquirer?
    2) Do you authorize/release the Inquirer and any other newspapers to give up your name/confidentiality as a source?

    Fina: Um…. nevermind

    Judge: case dismissed

  25. Which Asshat is too stupid to make up his own screen name? The Fake-ass “Observer” below. Typically, that is the former AG employee – who seems to now be part of this lawsuit?

    Fina is as stupid as he is perverted. Does he not realize the size of the countersuit she can bring? After everything he has done to undermine her from Day One? And to color this as a “civil rights” cause of action… LOLOLOL… Get off the Meth, Frankie!

  26. Except Kane cannot be deposed. She is facing criminal charges. She has 5th Amendment rights. If Fina is smart, he will exercise his 5th Amendment rights too (but that would mean his lawsuit is over). He is deep in this corruption now. And it is only going to get worse. The days where he could have his Judge buddies protect him are over.

  27. Hope you are correct, Spongebob. Nobody who used their State computers to distribute that vile garbage should be employed in government. A Democrat on the Supreme Court already resigned over that. Good riddance. Eakin next, right?

  28. Hmmm. So that means Kane can be deposed too, and records requested. Meaning those who she has protected are about to feel some pain too. I would say the show is just getting started.

  29. Except that it wasn’t some good old fashioned porn, Verde. If the reports are true, it was a bestiality video or a video showing a 100 year-old women engaged in intercourse that Fina “rubbed” to.

    Did he really arrest a secretary for doing that? Provide a name … a link … anything, please.

  30. I have never, at any time, not once, been on Kathleen Kane’s side in this entire debacle.

    I think this is the first time.

  31. Best defense is a good offense, right Frank? This is the same frank fina who arrested and threatened to prosecute a state secretary because she sent her sons tuition to penn state on a state computer. He actually went to court, argued that this was a misuse of government resources and a crime, then walked across the street, flipped on his office computer and rubbed one out to some good old fashion porn. The hypocrisy is dripping.

  32. Fina was probably trying to hold off on filing this garbage until Kane released some more of his EMails. But, Philadelphia City Council’s denouncements forced his hand. It seems to be all about the press for Fina. Live by the sword (leaks) – Die by the sword, I guess. Wonder if Seth Williams realizes what he has gotten himself into with these guys.

    David – If I am Kane’s attorneys, I schedule Fina’s deposition as quickly as possible.

  33. Future Transcript:

    Fina: Kane and the newspaper are responsible for my predicament

    Q: Did you send those emails?

    Fina: Yes.

    Judge: case dismissed

  34. “Frank Fina is suing the people he feels are responsible for his predicament”

    Everyone, except himself.

    This seems kind of risky to include the Inquirer, when he’s the prime suspect in leaking the sting case (and possibly other cases).

    Accusing her of misusing her office sure sounds like the pot calling out the kettle.

    Will Fina take the stand to testify under oath? Can I get a ticket for that cross-examination?

  35. The taxpayers of Pennsylvania ought to sue Fina and his slimy buddies for their abuse of their position while on the state payroll. Could the AG’s office do that for us? Seems there is plenty of evidence to back it up.

  36. “50 Leaks of Gray” — best comment of the year!!

    Yes, Robert. Same prosecutors. They seem to be upset that Kane has brought to light what they were up to at the OAG when they thought no one was looking. The women on City Council have taken notice. NOW has taken notice.

    For a better understanding of who they are, look no further than the Philadelphia Magazine piece regarding their email communications. The stuff they did at work will shock you. Corbett’s OAG was a cesspool. The offenders are looking for new ways to keep the heat off of them. This month, it’s a lawsuit. Last month it was Kane’s twin sister’s emails. Next month, it will be something else. None of it is working. Look at the poll numbers. The tide has turned. The public is on to them.

  37. Yawn ….Anyone can sue anybody for anything any time they want to.
    These are the same prosecutors who were just called out by City Council, right?

  38. I just hope it comes out that they’ve had a torrid affair this whole time. 50 leaks of grey….

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