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BREAKING: Report: Kane Received Pornographic Emails

Kane-ConferenceAn allegation during the trial of State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop may turn the Kathleen Kane saga on its head.

For months, there has been speculation as to why the Attorney General was constantly equivocating about releasing all the pornographic and offensive emails that were found on the office’s computer servers.

Rumors persisted just under the surface that perhaps Kane’s twin sister had been involved. Well now, prosecutor Mark Gilson has aired that charge in the courtroom. Not only that, he is alleging that the Attorney General herself was also a recipient.

If true, this could radically change the situation as the core of Kane’s legal defense has been that a boy’s club in Harrisburg is afraid that she will expose their inappropriate conduct. If the Attorney General was even tangentially involved in the same activity it would undercut her strongest arguments.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

UPDATE: Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo denied any knowledge of such activity.

“We have asked a number of times about emails that may have been connected to the attorney general’s sister and have been consistently told there are none,” Ardo said. “We don’t know where the D.A.’s Office got its information, or what it’s based on.”

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  1. Marie – You don’t sound like yourself. You sound like the pathetic troll. If Seth Williams is “celebrating” anything, he is a moron. After all – the Feds are still investigating him. He has alienated just about every minority group in the City, and his office is in a mutiny. The Judges and lawyers in the Criminal Justice System are laughing at him. The NAACP and Black Clergy question his judgment and morals. And “embarrassing Kane” is not one of the job descriptions of the DA of Philadelphia. He should be above that … but he clearly is not.

    First – it was his obsession with his predecessor (Abraham). Now – his obsession with Kane. He admits he is a (recovering) sexist and misogynist. Guess we can see it in action now.

    The difference between Kane and Williams is that Kane has had no career left for a while. She is TOAST. Williams had a promising career. And he is flushing it down the toilet by aligning himself with Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    I hope he isn’t paying for his dance lessons with campaign money ….

  2. HaHaHa, I’m pretty sure that Seth is in VICTORY DANCE mode after owning Kathleen Kane the other day. First, a black law maker had to apologize for playing the race card against Fina, and then Williams balled on Kane by revealing her involvement in porn emails. Good times!

  3. Is Seth talking to the Press yet? Or is he still in bunker-mode?

    Because I am hoping an objective journalist (as opposed to Craig & Angela who have been in bed with Fina & The Corbett Pervs) will ask DA Williams about his hiring of Frank Fina’s lawyer’s wife to a job she has no qualifications for.

    Don’t forget – it is Kathy Martin’s husband that represents Fina in his $$$-driven lawsuit against Kane. And Kathy Martin’s husband also represents Tyron Ali – the con-man that Fina gave an “unjust” deal to.

    In essence – Fina’s lawyer convinced Fina to give his other client, Tyron Al1, a “deal” where all the charges get dropped and Ali gets to keep the $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers.

    And now this lawyer’s wife has a high paying job getting paid by the taxpayers. Something is VERY WRONG with this …

  4. Oh boy … He seems to be off his meds again. Now he is pretending to be Bob too. Someone needs to e-mail Sy Snyder.

  5. I believe he also posts as “SpongeBob’ and “Larry.” Why would commenter use HaHaHa’s name unless he is totally obsessed with him/her? Who has it that bad in life? Get on it, PoliticsPA. Get rid of that troll.

  6. The HaHaHa and Pat Unger groupie needs to get banned. He is polluting the comments section again.

  7. Emily — I agree wholeheartedly. Don’t respond to Fake Ha3. He is just a pathetic shill (and/or troll).

    I haven’t seen Kane’s sister’s e-mails yet. But – nothing in them can change the fact that Williams should have never hired Fina and needs to fire him now.

    The CLOWN CAR’s argument seems to be: 2 wrongs (or 102 wrongs) make a right. It’s more than silly. It’s stupid.

  8. It is encouraging that Guzzardi proclaimed: “All Pennsylvanians need to be ashamed and embarrassed by this debacle.”

    He had initially championed her existence and, thus, his transition reflects [1]–his ability to reflect overall erosion of support for AG-Kane, and [2]–his ability to recognize that all insurgents are not inherently desirable.

    Even the tenor of the comments on PoliticsPA seems to be c/w the view that AG-Kane is “stinkin’-up the place.”

  9. See – now here’s my issue. the ADA screams and yells about grand jury testimony he has. But what about the finding of the 1st Assistant at the AGs Office – Bruce Beemer? Are they going to say big, bad Kane forced him to write a Memo calling Fina’s actions on the sting case improper? Did Kane torture him to get him to find that the deal Fina made with the witness was unjust? Was Beemer’s Memo part of the grand jury materials that the ADA brought to court?

  10. Give me a break!! This is a joke right? Kathleen Kane got some sophomoric joke e-mails 4 years before she was elected AG and we are supposed to get all nuts about that? This is very typical of a white male power structure. They are cornered. They know they did wrong. So they lash out – like a rat. They have been attacking Kane for months. This has gone far enough. Eakin needs to be dragged out of his Ivory Tower. And the scum lawyers in the das office need to be washed out.

  11. I thought the KFC e-mail was funny. You had black guys attacking a scared-looking white guy. Just to have at his fried chicken!! Get it??!??

    I still laugh when I see that. But not as much as I do when I see the “hot Ghetto Mess” material. That had me in stitches.

  12. I mean … all child predators are always caught by grand juries … Oh wait … No they aren’t. Oops …

  13. Oh boy, The troll/shill is coming unhinged again. Have they started deleting all his comments yet? I. for one, am flattered that there is someone here that so looks up to me that he uses my screen-name to make sure his/her posts get read. it’s like having a Groupie!!

  14. One of Sandusky’s victims wrote a book that was very critical of Fina’s handling of the Sandusky case. There were unusual delays. The victim was – literally – put through hell by Corbett’s OAG. Read the book.

    It seems Fina was too busy e-mailing his white male buddies racist material to worry about protecting children. Corbett’s AG’s Office allowed Sandusky to remain a free man for way too long and continue to rape children. Why do you think Fina was in such a panic when Kane won election on the promise to look into the Sandusky investigation. That monster should have been off the streets as soon as they had their first victim. Oh – and Sandusky’s “charity” (the one he used to find his victims) gave a ton of money to Corbett.

    When you pick the one person most responsible for this whole mess – it’s Frank Fina. Hands down.

  15. Wait … was it Fina that put Sandusky in jail? Or was it the guy he brought in b/c he is scared to try a case?

  16. Here’s the thing — so what if AG Kane’s sister sent Kane an e-mail before Kane became AG. What in god’s name could that mean regarding Kane herself? Nothing!

    The reports seem to indicate that none of the racist, homophobic, or women-hating e-mails were in the group sent by Kane’s sister. It is not being reported that Kane’s sister sent the racist (KFC) or disgusting (“motivational posters” that suggest that women need to perform oral sex on their bosses to advance their careers) e-mails that Fina sent around.

    Who knows anymore. Not me!! But it is clear that the bloodletting will continue. That may end up being a good thing for the Commonwealth. Fina has already been totally exposed. Eakin too. Kane wasn’t getting a second term anyway.

    Kane should not be able to protect her sister or anyone else. The Independent Prosecutor should be given everything. Then, they can sort it all out. In the meantime – what is going on with the Penn State 3 case. There – Frank Fina knowingly allowed a witness to testify before a grand jury unrepresented by counsel. And he went on TV to talk about the strength of the case in violation of the Rules of Ethics.

  17. There goes Nick Field again … printing stuff that may not be true. Tsssk. tsssk ….

    Has Gilson released the e-mails? Where are the 11 e-mails that Granahan allegedly sent to her sister before her sister became AG?

    He says he is batting 1.000 …. but giving away cases with no punishment is not like getting a “hit in baseball. This steaming pile of dung still STINKS. All this is just a “Press Play” until we see some actual evidence.

    BTW – receiving e-mails is not even close to being “involved” … even tangentially.

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