BREAKING: SD-35: Wozniak Retires, Critz to Step In?

WozniakState Senator John Wozniak is stepping aside.

Today the lawmaker announced on his Facebook page that he is withdrawing from his re-election race this year.

“After long discussions with my wife, children, friends and colleagues concerning running for reelection, I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for another term in the state Senate,” he writes.

“If a person’s life is broken down by seasons, I believe I have been a public servant for a summer and an autumn,” Wozniak goes on to explain. “God willing, I hope to have several more seasons left and I would like to use them to seek new opportunities, pursue other ventures and life experiences.”

Richland Township Supervisor Wayne Langerholc announced his candidacy last December and will be serving as the Republican nominee.

The 35th district includes all of Bedford and Cambria Counties as well as parts of Clearfield County. It is one of the few seats in the middle of the state that Democrats still hold.

John Wozniak has held the seat since 1997, and first arrived to Harrisburg as a State Rep. in 1980. If Democrats don’t get a notable name to replace him this seat goes from being a prime pickup opportunity for the GOP to a practical lay-up.

The Dems might be doing just that.

PoliticsPA has heard from separate sources that the party is trying to get former Congressman Mark Critz to run. Critz appears inclined to accept but hasn’t made a final decision yet. State Rep. Bryan Barbin may also be interested.

We reached out to Critz but have not received a response.

UPDATE: Langerholc’s campaign released the following statement:

“I would like to commend Senator John Wozniak for his more than thirty-five years of service to local residents at the state level of government. I wish him and his family well in their new endeavors.”

“While this campaign should be about issues and not politics, it is now clear that Governor Tom Wolf and powerful Harrisburg insiders will select the candidate to replace Senator Wozniak instead of local residents. The people of the 35th District are having their voice taken away by a few, powerful politicians, and that is just plain wrong.”

“As an Assistant District Attorney, I’ve protected local residents from dangerous criminals. As a public servant, I’ve protected taxpayers. That’s the record I have been running on. I plan to continue meeting residents one-on-one so they know where I stand, and what my priorities will be in office: fighting for our jobs, leading on government reform, cutting wasteful spending to protect taxpayers, and meeting the needs of local families and seniors. My focus will never be on politics, instead I will work with local officials and residents from both parties to best serve and support local families.”

16 Responses

  1. Cambria and Bedford Democratic committees recommended Cernic and Clearfield chose Critz. Critz did not show up to any of the three to speak to the committee. Cernic and Carnicella did. Jerry didn’t get a single vote at any committee. It’s still up to state committee executive committee to decide. Cernic has been on state committee for years and has strong connection. However, he won’t win in November.

  2. The Dems think Critz is a big winner, but he’s not Murtha’s boy anymore…now he has a record of his own and it ain’t appealing. Voting with Obama as a Congressman, one of Wolf’s henchmen, DC lobbyist, Harrisburg insider. Critz has name ID, but he’s also got baggage. Lots of baggage.

  3. He has been at the public till his whole life, and I cannot think of one positive thing that he did for our district. He knew that he was pretty far behind, but I am thinking it is something like receiving porn emails from a Supreme Court justice.

    Okay, maybe not that, but something legal.

  4. Please consider my candidacy. I have lots of things to say. Great Things. The Best Things. The people of the 35th District love me.

  5. Wozniak barely won 4 years ago with the district’s lines drawn more favorably for him as an incumbent Democrat. The rumor of an internal poll showing him down 29 to a basic unknown Langerwho seems plausible. Langerwho is nothing special. He is the same model the Harrisburg Republican establishment trots out spewing the same lines, but nothing in Harrisburg will change.

  6. I think for Mark Critz will win this race in 2016, and he will be a great state senator, and I not sure why for John Wozniak decided to quit this late.

  7. Rumor was last week that Wozniak did an internal poll and he was down about 29%. Obviously, there was truth to the rumors. The dems are going to try to have Mark Critz come to the rescue. I don’t think it’s going to work, he is relatively unknown to Bedford and Clearfield. Wayne will do a great job!

  8. I now know why he dropped out. Look at his rambling quotes he sounds like a creature of Harrisburg. He can talk the language of lawyers and lobbyists but lost touch with real people. Who the hell is Wayne Langerholc? Does he connect with real people or does he connect with lawyers and lobbyists?

  9. You missed a line in his weird seasons quote: “Given the changes due to redistricting, for Dems in SD-35, winter is coming.”

  10. Tim Winters: Given that he is a PA Democrat, its more likely “Given my pending arrest by state and/or federal authorities, I thought it wise to step aside…”

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