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Casey & Dems Statewide Tour Comes Through Harrisburg

Casey poses with SEIU volunteers in Harrisburg. Photo: Keegan Gibson

Harrisburg — Bob Casey crossed Pa. during the final day of campaigning as he looks to secure a second term in the U.S. Senate.

He spoke to 50 workers at the AFSCME conference center as he faces a challenge from GOP candidate Tom Smith.

“This is one of those elections – we can move forward, continue to create jobs at a faster pace. Or, unfortunately there is another choice here, or we can take a sharp right turn right back into the ditch where we were in the latter part of 2008,” Casey said.

“We can’t go back to those days where we’re in the ditch. We’re still climbing out of that ditch, we’re still trying to find our way. But I really believe that tomorrow’s a day that – as difficult a campaign as this has been – that we can bring the country back together.”

He was joined by Eugene DePasquale, the York County state Rep. and Democratic Auditor General candidate, as well as state Senate hopeful Rob Teplitz and state House candidate Chris Dietz.

Republicans had come through the midstate earlier Monday afternoon.

DePasquale explained why Teplitz’s race – the closest state Senate campaign in PA. – is important to Democrats.

“If it becomes 27-23 [in the state Senate], you have four more moderate Republican Senators from the southeast. They then have to put up way too many tough votes. The [Corbett] agenda stops in its tracks. That’s how critical it is that Rob Teplitz gets elected to the state Senate,” DePasquale said.

Teplitz faces Republican John McNally for the open seat of retiring Sen. Jeff PIccola (R-Dauphin).

Dietz faces Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin). He had some help from out of the district: Brian Sims, the man who beat Rep. Babette Josephs (D-Phila) in the April primary.  Sims is unopposed in the general.

Casey did 3 events – a morning campaign rally with former President Bill Clinton in Pittsburgh, the phonebanking at AFSCME, and he’ll end the evening in his hometown of Scranton with another Clinton rally.

7 Responses

  1. The use of the word ghetto to describe union members who happen to be black would indicate to me that you don’t like them. Since you don’t know them as individuals, disliking them because of their skin color would be considered racist.

    At least, I read your words before coming to a conclusion about you.

    You have no idea who those people are except that they belong to SEIU. One of those women could be a Gold Star mother, just like one SEIU nurse that I happen to know who’s daughter died in defense of our country. However to you, she’s a ghetto purple shirt thug.

  2. Tommy, I don’t want union thugs anywhere near me when I’m older. They’d probably take an insurance policy out on me, then smother me in my sleep. And, exactly what part of bashing Casey and the SEIU makes me racist? Am I racist against boring, bald white men with unibrows?

  3. Those ghetto purple shirt thugs will be changing your diapers and helping you take a shower in your later days. They’ll be cooking dinner for you and driving the van that takes you to the Mall. And they’ll take care of you regardless of whether you’re a racist or not.

  4. This a a great photo. Casey and those ghetto purple shirt thugs. What a disgusting crew they are. Don’t be surprised when Casey rewards them by slipping some pork their way in a future bill. Reward your friends and punish your enemies, right Senator? Absolutely disgusting!

  5. Smith dumps 17 mil into his campaign but is too cheap to buy his poor mother teeth when he drags her in front of a TV camera.

  6. Bob Casey isn’t trying to buy his way to the senate the way millionaire Tom Smith is. Smith has a history of throwing his money around to benefit himself. The phony pictures depicting him looking like he worked in the mines, using his elderly mom or the daughter he bought a job for through financing Armstrong Commissioner Battaglia’s campaign, and portraying himself, and exploiting his adopted daughters unwed pregnancy show he will do anything to get himself what he wants. It’s not about us. It’s about him and only him.

    Union workers know Casey has proven he cares about keeping jobs and helping the working class. God bless men like Bob Casey who look out for those they represent. Men like Bob Casey don’t need to buy votes. Their actions merit being re elected.

  7. If public sector unions are the only people Casey can pay and wrangle or a photo op day before the election, wow – this senatorial dud is going kerplunk kerplooey.

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