Casey Ends Year With $8.6 Million on Hand

U.S. Senator Bob Casey announced his campaign raised $2.6 million in the fourth quarter, ending the year with $8.6 million on hand.

“Thanks to strong grassroots enthusiasm from every corner of Pennsylvania, we’re proud to announce that Senator Casey closed out a record-breaking 2017 with another strong fundraising quarter,” Casey’s campaign manager M.E. Smith said in a release announcing the fundraising total.  

Casey raised $10.2 million in 2017, making it his most successful fundraising year ever.  

The campaign touted that of the over 67,000 donors who gave during 2017, 90% gave $100 or less.  

“Tens of thousands of grassroots supporters have joined our team because they know Bob Casey will always stand up for Pennsylvania’s middle class and won’t back down from a fight. We’re honored by the outpouring of support as we continue to build on this momentum heading into 2018,’ Smith said.

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6 thoughts on “Casey Ends Year With $8.6 Million on Hand”

  1. Jean Hampson says:

    FAKE PRO-Life,Liked his Father,do not care for the Son!!!! My brother worked with the Sr.for many yrs. As a State Auditor!!!! HAVE A BLESSED Day!!!!

  2. Aloysius E. Stuhl says:

    Sen. Casey is going to need every cent of those campaign funds to win re-election in Pennsylvania.

  3. Sean says:

    Casey has my vote. Strong LGBT equality champion.

  4. Bono says:

    Casey exposed the Trump plan to kill the ACA by stopping the confirmations of HHS appointees.Get with it Hillary!!

  5. Hillary C says:

    What has Casey done for us….?…

    1. David Diano says:

      Just the other day, he forced the Trump administration to turn over documents about their secret plans to undermine healthcare with executive orders.

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