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Castor to Run Again for Montco District Attorney

Bruce-CastorBruce Castor is looking to return to the office of Montgomery County DA.

According to Jenny DeHuff of the Daily News, Castor opened up to a run after incumbent DA Risa Vetri Ferman announced her plans to seek a County Court seat.

Castor confirmed to PoliticsPA that he will indeed be running and also dismissed speculation that this race could be a springboard to challenge Attorney General Kathleen Kane in 2016.

“No thought currently of running for AG,” he said. “There’s no shortage of excellent GOP DAs already to run. I expect I’ll support one of them.”

Castor served as Montco’s District Attorney from 2000 to 2008. He currently sits on the county’s three-person Board of Commissioners as the sole GOP representative alongside Chairman Josh Shapiro and Vice Chairwoman Leslie Richards.

In 2004, Castor battled Tom Corbett for the Republican nomination for Attorney General but came up short with 47% of the vote.

In 2013, he briefly floated the possibility of challenging Gov. Corbett for the GOP gubernatorial nomination but decided against it.

Update: Castor has officially announced his candidacy on his Facebook page.

7 Responses

  1. Judge for yourself. The following was posted on Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor’s Facebook page. A CLEAR THREAT AGAINST KATHLEEN KANE – AIN’T NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.
    Interesting analysis penned by Brad Bumsted of the Trib on the AG Kane series of issues.

    I have seen what is happening to Mrs. Kane happen before. Our state’s top law enforcer declared war on the competence of career prosecutors but failed to understand that those she picked a fight with know how to fight back.

    I’ve seen it happen numerous times and I marvel at how the “bully” doesn’t see it.

    While the oft quoted adage involving newspapers: “you don’t go to war with a group that buys ink by the barrel…” may be a cliche, as is often the case with cliches, it became one because it is true.

    A similar, perhaps soon to be cliche, might go “you don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”

    If General Kane had achieved that level of professional expertise coming up through the prosecutorial ranks (not to denigrate the successes she did have in the trenches, but there is a difference between a line prosecutor, and a seasoned veteran of investigations and multi-faceted prosecutions that take months, if not years, to build, and hundreds of hours to prepare), she might have thought twice about engaging in this battle.

    It is beyond question that she has lost.

    What is in doubt is how badly, and what the fallout will be.

    Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.

    I do not see how it is possible for Mrs. Kane to recover, as she is warring with not only newspapers (ink by the barrel) but also against professionals who really know their business.

    I’ve witnessed a long line of politicians who have picked fights like this for short term personal or political benefit. I can’t recall any that have managed to avoid being hurt far more seriously for having done so.

    The irony is I have also seen the “doubling down” behavior exhibited by Mrs. Kane backfire time and again with politicians who want to continue the fight. Very damaging, as inevitably civil war ensues while the opposing party fills the vacuum.

    The moral: don’t pick a political fight against someone schooled in how to really hurt you.


  2. Kate Harper has been eyeing the opportunity for a while. Expect to see her hat thrown in soon.

  3. Save this pic for the next separated at birth. Does he really look that much like Sestak in person?

  4. Guy on the hot seat for Montco Repubs won’t be Castor or whoever runs for commissioner, it’ll be Mike Vereb. Can he actually herd the cats this time or will the party implode into an infighting mess as it has in the recent past? Should be interesting.

  5. Montco has changed a lot Bruce. The Dems have a quality candidate so you’re likely to lose this one. You should have primaried Corbett. State Supreme Court would have been an easier race in 2015.

  6. Seeing Ferman’s deputy is running for the Dems, it looks like both sides are running status quo candidates.

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