Castor Won’t Release Email Report

Bruce-CastorTurns out Acting AG Bruce Castor won’t release Doug Gansler’s report on the pornographic emails after all.

On Wednesday, those whose names were in the report were told and it caused a panic in the Attorney General’s office.

Now Wallace McKelvey of Patriot-News is reporting that Castor will be putting the report on an indefinite hold.

“While I remain Attorney General, I will not be approving the release of any part of the report until we can devise a procedure that, at the very least, allows for informed responses,” Castor stated.

It’s is unknown what Gov. Wolf’s nominee Bruce Beemer will do, although his tenure as First Deputy AG suggests he would be reluctant to cause such an uproar among the employees.

PoliticsPA reached out to the campaigns of GOP nominee John Rafferty and Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro to find out their positions.

“As a proponent of openness and transparency in state government, I obviously lean towards full public disclosure,” Rafferty responded. “However, in this instance, I do not believe it’s fair or appropriate for me to comment as to whether I would release the Gansler Report without first  thoroughly reviewing its content and the author’s reasoning behind his conclusions. As I have said from the beginning of this campaign, my goal is to restore integrity and leadership to the office Attorney General. I will implement a very strong ethics policy on day one that will ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

“We haven’t seen the report so it’s inappropriate to say we’d release it; Josh has previously said he’s on the side of transparency and making the emails themselves public,” Shapiro Campaign Manager Joe Radosevich told PoliticsPA. “It was disturbing to learn today that Senator Rafferty has been campaigning with one of the guys behind this whole scandal and we wonder if he knows why it’s wrong.”

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  1. It really was disturbing to learn that Rafferty has been campaigning with the now disgraced McCaffery. Many have said that McCaffery is at the center of the Porngate scandal. Seems like Rafferty is just a “good ol a Boy.”

    This Report is going to be quite the political football. I imagine that an organization like Wikileaks might be interested if the powers that be do not see fit to let the public know what their employees were up to at work.

    There needs to be accountability.

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