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Clinton Ads to Feature Republicans Against Trump (VIDEOS)

The Hillary Clinton campaign has three new ads hitting the airwaves that focus on Donald Trump’s comments about women.

Specifically, each thirty-second spot features a Republican who was repulsed by Trump’s remarks.

“The ads include Don McVaugh, a lifelong Republican and an Air Force veteran from Powhatan, Virginia; Tiffany Lewey, a Republican and a mother with two children from Lantana, Texas; and, Terry Daniel, a lifelong Republican and a father with two children from Phoenix, Arizona,” according to the Clinton campaign. “While these – and many other – Republicans do not agree with Hillary Clinton on every position, they trust that she has the judgment and experience to be America’s Commander in Chief and they’re increasingly concerned that Donald Trump is a danger to women and girls.”

The commercials are set to air in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In contrast to their last ad, this one will air in New Hampshire and not Arizona which suggests a bit of a more defensive strategy.

3 Responses

  1. Leona,it’s called obstruction of justice. Loretta Lych his AG is obstructing justice also. It’s a criminal act.

  2. Super PAC Priorities USA Action continue running a deceptive commercial almost hourly across all of PA exploiting parents of a disabled child Chris & Lauren Glaros from Columbus OH which would infuriate anyone IF IT WERE TRUE!!

    This factual YouTube, put together with the help of the Catholic Church puts forth the truth so clearly that it shames people who have made a decision not to vote for Trump based on this shockingly deceptive add whose sole purpose is to give people a false impression just to acquire votes. After seeing this, people should spread the truth and PA Political Groups with any integrity should block this specific add from ever being run in PA again. Pray for the poor couple in Ohio and their disabled child who were taken advantage of and probably have reason to hire a lawyer and sue the Superpacs who treated them like trash. Hopefully they were not involved and paid to perpetuate this lie for the Clinton Campaign.

  3. Isn’t the President interfering with an FBI investigation by taking Hillary’s side before the investigation is over?

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