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Club for Growth up in PA-12 With Comparison Ad (Watch Video)

Another day, another ad in PA-12. This time, Club for Growth has chimed in for GOP hopeful Keith Rothfus.

The Conservative PAC released a new ad today, asking voters which candidate supports their views, and checking off Rothfus as the clear cut choice for the citizens of PA-12. The ad, titled “Views,” is airing in the Pittsburgh media market and its buy is estimated at $300k.

“This year, Pennsylvanians  Have a good clear choice for congress,” the ad says. “Keith Rothfus supports the balanced budget amendment. Mark Critz opposes it. Rothfus will repeal Obamacare. Critz will not. Rothfus supports lower taxes. Critz says the gas tax should be higher.”

Critz campaign spokesperson Mike Mikus says that the group’s social-program killing agenda is the same agenda that Rothfus is supporting.

“It is not surprising that the Club for Growth – which supports privatizing Social Security, ending Medicare, and passing free trade agreements that kill American jobs – would attack Mark Critz because he opposes all of these issues while Keith Rothfus supports them,” said Mikus. “Mark Critz is fighting to create jobs for Western Pennsylvania, and to protect Social Security and Medicare, while Keith Rothfus supports policies that ship jobs overseas and forcing our seniors to pay thousands of dollars more for their health care.”

It’s the second anti-Critz ad of the day, as YG Action Network released a scathing ad connecting Critz to President Obama and his notorious gaffe in 2008 about Western PA voters. As ads are a regularity in PA-12, it’s your move, pro-Critz PACs.

6 Responses

  1. As a voter in the PA 12th we sadly now have Beltway groups like the Club for growth and Young guns trying to tell us what our values should be. The pa 12th will never buy beltway values: grover norquist and keith the candidate rothfus are not interested in the people in the pa 12th. The club for growth has hand-cuffed an adequate industrial policy for this country because they are pro-china. QUESTION OF THE EVENING: is the chinese government more interested in the welfare of its people than gop beltway class warriors like keith the canidate rothfus are interested in the voters of the pa 12the and other similar middle class districts around this nation?

  2. Well whaddaya know – here comes the Club for China weighing in on behalf of latest straw man Rothfus. Lest we forget: “Millionaire Pat Toomey, he’s fighting for jobs — in China.” Toomey hasn’t voted against his Growther corporate overlords a single time since winning by a razor edge in 2010 and millionaire Rothfus will be no different. I hope Critz has enough cash on hand to do up one of these:

  3. Correction-

    Rothfus supports tax cuts for rich twits like himself. If these people are serious about reducing deficit spending… Have the balls to stand up and talk about ending the bush tax cuts… or ending corporate welfare subsidies.

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