Conservative PAC Blasts Shuster in Radio Ad

bill_shusterThe DC-based conservative PAC Madison Project is coming out swinging in a new radio ad released in support of Art Halvorson, a businessman who announced a primary to Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Blair).

It’s a 60 second spot which attacks Shuster’s record in congress  but contains little information about Halvorson himself.

“You’d think politicians in Washington would want to stop the crushing amounts of debt they are placing on their citizens,” the narrator says. “Unfortunately, career politician Bill Shuster seems to be just fine with piling more debt on the backs of taxpayers.”

The ad, called “Endless Debt” by the Madison Project, goes on to attack Shuster for voting to raise the debt ceiling eight times. It places some responsibility for the United States’ debt on the 7-term congressman.

You can listen to the entire spot here.

Details from Madison Project spokesman Daniel Horowitz seem to indicate a relatively light buy.

“We’re starting out with 3 weeks on the stations that carry Rush either in the district or within the media market,” Horowitz said. “At that point we will assess whether to move on to another one of the many big government votes or positions Shuster has taken.”

The Madison Project, named after President James Madison, describes itself as a fundraiser for political conservative candidates across the country who match their platform as “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Limited Government, Defenders of Religious Freedom.”

Located in Washington, the PAC is chaired by former Congressman (and Olympic medalist) Jim Ryun, a staunch Republican and Evangelical who was considered by some to be the most conservative member of congress during his five terms from 1996 to 2006. The Madison Project had an operating budget of nearly $2 million in 2012, most of which went directly to political candidates.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Shuster’s campaign.

Halvorson, 57, moved to Mann’s Choice in Bedford County 5 years ago after serving 29 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He said he runs a commercial development business with properties up and down the east coast. The candidate loaned himself $100,000 to kickstart his campaign.

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  2. Travis Schooley’s family has lived in the 9th congressional for over 350 years. The citizens of CD9 are very tired of outsiders coming into our community to lead us in the wrong direction. Travis Schooley will go to Washington to represent–we the people of CD 09. Just as his ancestors fought the British, Schooley will fight for us, his family. And we will fight for him. His grassroots movement is just gearing up.

  3. Shuster will win with 65-70% of the vote, and the extremists will crawl back into their holes and cry about being ‘robbed’ again.

  4. Double talking Bill Shuster voted for 8 increases in the Debt Ceiling since taking office in 2001. Bill Shuster voted for every increase in the debt ceiling. How will he vote next time when debt ceiling increase comes up for a vote in September 2013?
    Madison Project PAC exposes Bill Shuster’s Record. It is not a pretty sight to the Forgotten Taxpayer. Madison Project is affiliated with Drew and Ned Ryun’s American Majority, one of the most effective conservative grassroots organizations in the country.
    Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 Daniel Horowitz

  5. Guzzardi has been criticizing Shuster consistently; this is today’s installment:

    House to vote on farm bill in big test for Boehner, GOP leaders

    House to vote on split farm bill Thursday

    Key vote. What will Bill Shuster do? … Art Halvorson is viable. Bill Shuster and his porker network will, likely, go negative and smear Art Halvorson, perhaps, indirectly and anonymously. They have their sneaky, snarky ways. They will fight like cornered alley cats.

  6. This race is shaping up to be a classic battle between a big-government, big spending, entrenched politician and a self term-limiting, businessman, citizen public servant (who is on record as saying he would not take any pension if elected). If you want to know how beholden Shuster is and where his loyalties lie, just look at the source of his campaign funds!

  7. I completed the Poll of which Republican is most open to primary challenge and WOW so many agreed with me. Bill Shuster. But my reason is because he use to be my Rep. until the redraw.
    I am excited to know he had a challenger that had some $$$ along with principles and ability. in the name of Art Halvorson. I did a little research on Mr. Halvorson. I sent a email pronto to Art Halvorson via his campaign’s website to offer to help.

    The race is on…. Elected Representative Democracy at work.. How good freedom is to have choices. Real ones

  8. Awesome! It’s about time somebody had the guts to tell people the truth about Bill Shuster the RINO. 42 years of this crooked family in Congress is enough!

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