Corbett Launches Re-election Website

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.05.28 PMGov. Tom Corbett, gearing up for his re-election bid next year, has re-launched his campaign website in an effort to ramp up his support network.

The simple design includes links to sign up as a volunteer, donate to the campaign, and other social media.

“We’re looking forward to having a conversation with the voters and to push back on the attacks against the governor,” Corbett campaign manager Mike Barley told Thomas Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We haven’t been active at all on the campaign level and we’re going to ramp it up. It’ll be good for the governor.”

Corbett faces a bumpy road to re-election and his political future is anything but certain.

According to a Franklin & Marshall poll released earlier this month, only 25% of respondents believed Corbett deserves re-election.

Several Democratic challengers have already declared their intention to run with several more waiting in the wings.

9 Responses

  1. A website is an opportunity for the candidate to connect with the voters. You’d think someone with his experience over the last few years would use the website to get a deeper sense of issues and how the public feels about them, not just ask for emails to push out boring press releases.

    Without commenting on his politics, the website gets a failing grade, in my opinion.

  2. Corbett has done so much to help the people of PA the last 4 years he improved our economy, cut government spending, cut senseless programs, created jobs, made us more energy independent, balanced the budget and did all of this without raising taxes on the people of PA. People saying that the Gov. only wants to defend big business by allowing natural gas drilling to expand must not see or are ignoring the great economic benefits natural gas has had on PA especially in creating jobs but also on a national security level by reducing our dependency on foreign products. To the people who say his funding cuts have hurt PA schools as a 16 year old in a PA public school I can tell you the our class sizes have not increased and our education has not been hurt we have very expensive smart boards in every class room that is not a sign of an underfunded school. And for the teachers who lost their jobs, the Gov. is not the one cutting teachers it is the school boards and the administration. which if funding is so low that teachers need to be cut then why does the administration already making 6 digit salary vote to increase the superintendents salary. or why not just eliminate the assistant superintendent position. This shows funding is not that low that education is in jeopardy. I have already signed up for Corbett`s reelection campaign and look forward to giving many hours of my time to help make him a 2 term Governor. Keep up the good work Governor Corbett

  3. Corbett has my vote in November. He came in strong and has done a solid job in fixing Ed’s mess. And he hasn’t blamed Ed for doing a terrible job!

  4. Dude this guy can get worse. A lot worse. Four more years of Corbett will bankrupt Pennsylvania. But man is he going to enjoy his retirement slush fund.

  5. This website looks awful. That other guy, Castor? His website was cool. Is it too late for him to jump back in?

  6. I wonder if it will have a Spanish page. Knowing this clod, it will be in Latin. You know for the benefit of the Latino community

  7. Guess the lobbyists and special interests needed a place to send him $ online…there is not much else he can put on it because his agenda is such a disaster!

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