Corman & Reed Endorse Christiana’s Senate Bid

State Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre) and state House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) both endorsed state Rep. Jim Christiana’s bid for U.S. Senate.

Corman said Christiana is “the right man to represent Pennsylvania in Washington” in a statement announcing his endorsement.  

“I’m proud to endorse Jim for a U.S. Senate seat,” Reed said.  

Both Corman and Reed both touted Christiana’s leadership in Harrisburg in their endorsements.  

“In Harrisburg Jim Christiana has been a skillful leader with great instincts driven by strong conservative principles. I fully expect that he will prove equally impressive in Washington,” Corman said.  

“Jim has proven his effectiveness as a leader in state government. I know he will make a huge difference in Washington,” Reed added.  

Christiana thanked both of them for their endorsements saying he is “honored” and “thrilled” to have their support.  

Christiana has already received the endorsement of state House Speaker Mike Turzai earlier this year.  

The endorsements will likely help Christiana build support within the party and make inroads with the donor networks of Corman and Reed, which will be important in his bid for Senate.

Congressman Lou Barletta and businessman Paul Addis are both running for U.S. Senate as well.

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7 thoughts on “Corman & Reed Endorse Christiana’s Senate Bid”

  1. John says:

    r’s don’t blow this. casey is weak and and has serious problems. like what has he done in in public career? name a piece of legislation, name something as Auditor General or Treasurer…anything.

    Its not possible because he hasn’t done anything. R’s you don’t need a primary. decide among yourselves your strongest candidate now and go after bobby. don’t blow this, casey is a gift.

    1. John Galt says:

      The fact that Casey hasn’t done anything makes him stronger, what can Republicans hit him on? He will run on daddy’s name and win, unfortunately.

    2. Same Old Same Old says:

      Casey is weak and has serious problems??? Talk about whistling past the graveyard! Trump is a fiasco. The tax cut is totally unpopular and a lead balloon for anyone with and “R” attached to their name. And you are focusing on Casey’s being weak??? Come on, this is silly.

  2. Peasantsrevolt says:

    He’s probably a Zaborney Pebble Beach boy! All tied in with Corman and Reed!!

    1. PeasantHunter says:

      Must be a slow day in the IT department.

  3. Blue Dog Dem says:

    This self-important clown has no chance in hell. Wasn’t he on Samantha Bee a few months ago trashing Trump? Good luck in the primary.

  4. Bono says:

    Another loser amongst the Republican candidates

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