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DCCC Poll: Critz Lead Widening Over Rothfus in PA-12

A new DCCC poll puts Rep. Mark Critz (left) at 10 points ahead of his challenger Keith Rothfus.

Earlier today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fired another shot in what has been a back-and-forth affair in PA-12 by releasing an internal poll indicating a 10-point advantage for Rep. Mark Critz (D-Cambria) over his opponent, Keith Rothfus.

According to the new Anzalone Liszt Research poll released by the DCCC, Critz leads 50 to 40 in the conservative-leaning 12th district, surpassing the 50 percent “safe incumbent” threshold.

The last Dem poll gave Critz a 44 percent to 38 percent lead, meaning his lead has increased by 4 points in a little over three weeks.

“It’s clear that Mark Critz has established himself as a strong independent leader who will stand up for middle class western Pennsylvanians,” Northeast Press Secretary of the DCCC Josh Schwerin said in a press release.

“Voters are rejecting millionaire corporate lawyer Keith Rothfus who wants to abandon the middle class by slashing Medicare while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations shipping jobs overseas.

Since the poll was conducted by the Democrats, its results should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt.

Rothfus’s Campaign Manager Jonathan Raso completely dismissed the results of the poll, saying that voters in PA-12 won’t buy into the destructive economic policies of Critz and President Obama that led to 9.3 percent unemployment in Cambria County.

“If the liberal democrats behind the Critz campaign are actually satisfied with their poll, they should release it in its entirety including cross tabs,” Raso said in an email.

“Why does Congressman Critz think we should keep him and President Obama in Washington when he has so badly failed the 12th district, and when we at home are so desperately in need of a change in direction?”

Despite Raso’s statement, the poll shows the President trailing Romney by 9 points in the district, 51 percent to 42.

The same poll shows voters splitting their tickers, however, sending Casey back to the Senate over his GOP challenger Tom Smith by a 51 percent to 43 percent margin.

Here is the polling memo:


13 Responses

  1. A DNCC poll? What a surprise the outcome would be Critz leading. Will his next campaign ad have Joe Soptic endorsing him?

  2. OMG! Now Mitt has a running mate with less real world experience than our President! RYAN left Janesville for the Beltway and never looked back. He is a pure Beltway elite. Now we have Keith the Candidate Rothfus, the former Bush FEMA official, who will sell out Western PA Seniors to return to the BELTWAY, the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY! No wonder Mr. Rothfus refuses to denounce the Turzai voter suppresion bill.

  3. Worse NateDoggie! Obama is signing laws passed by the GOP House which gave him and furture Presidents the power to kill US citizens suspected of terror activity without a trial, to indefinitely detain US citizens without a trial, and to impose martial law at discretion. Taking away the right to vote is just one more step in the fascist future endorsed by the GOP House and President Obama.

  4. “The greatest generation will always reject the stormtroopers, like Rothfus, who hate democracy and who prefer dictatorship.”

    Kinda like Obama, who seems to now be bypassing Congress and looking to impose unpopular policies through Executive Order, right?

  5. Taking away the right of people to vote is not facism. By the way, Speaker Turzai will soon be releasing his book “My Life” which will fully explain his vision for the future and the imperative of achieving more living room for Pennsylvania by bringing in pockets of Pennsylvania speakers in Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Maryland within our borders..

  6. The explanation for the results is simple. Gallant seniors who fought to bring the world out of the fascist shadow are obviously supporting Critz, the candidate who has stood up for their right to vote. The greatest generation will always reject the stormtroopers, like Rothfus, who hate democracy and who prefer dictatorship.

  7. Yes Laura Critz’s campaign attacked this firm in the spring. Considering the firm’s 2010 track record, Obama could be leading here and Rothfus could be up by double digits.

  8. Isn’t this the same firm that Mikus threw under the bus in the spring for not being accurate?

  9. QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: 1. When is KEITH THE CANDIDATE ROTHFUS going to explain his Beltway Bush Administration FEMA service? Why is he waging a 3 year crusade to return to the Beltway, THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY? 2. How can Mr. Rothfus expect the voters to buy him as the public service when he has offered so little service and leadership to Western PA, either philantrophically or as a community leader? Mr. Rothfus’s lack of leadership, service and achivements probably makes him the ideal TEA PARTY candidate, except for that nasty detail of his Beltway FEMA service. Dr. Raso, please do yourself a favor today; Buy yourself Health Insurance!!

  10. The Turzai-Rothfus voter suppression plan is the silver bullet for this race. It will deprive the silver haired seniors of the greatest generation their right to vote and that will cost Critz and Casey in the end..

  11. It’s gotta be pretty embarrassing for Rothfus when *Mitt Romney* is UP 9 points in a district where Rothfus is DOWN by 10. Even Mitt Romney is a more exciting candidate than Keith Rothfus!

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