Dem Ad Blasts Mastriano Over Capitol Riot

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is targeting one Pennsylvania Republican in an ad buy for his attendance at President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington D.C. on January 6, where the president falsely claimed that the election was stolen and rioters later stormed the Capitol.

The DLCC has launched a five-figure advertising campaign criticizing state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Adams), who was the lone Pennsylvania lawmaker present at the rally in Washington D.C. 

“President Trump incited the mob,” a voiceover says at the beginning of the 30 second digital ad. “The violent, looting, confederate flag-waving, cop-killing, hate-filled mob.”

“In defiance of our constitution, Republican legislators fanned the flames, some were even there,” a voiceover in the ad continues, showing an image of Mastriano and former state Rep. Rick Saccone present at the rally. 

“Republicans, stop the violence and insurrection,” the voiceover says at the conclusion of the ad. “Don’t let what happened in Washington, happen in Pennsylvania.”

A spokesperson from the DLCC said that the search ads for the campaign, which began on January 19, link to the press release on the legislators present at the rally. The video was on YouTube and other digital platforms. 

Mastriano did not immediately respond for comment on the ad campaign. 

Following Mastriano’s attendance at the rally, he took to social media and released an official statement condemning the violence that followed Trump’s rally. 

“As a military veteran and retired colonel, I do not – nor would I ever – condone the violence we saw today. I join with all patriotic Americans in condemning what occurred in the Capitol,” Mastriano said in a release. “There never is justification for this sort of behavior. I not only love but I fought for this country, our constitution and its rule of law.”

“When it was apparent that this was no longer a peaceful protest, my wife and I left the area and made our way out of the area,” Mastriano continued. “At no point did we enter the Capitol building, walk on the Capitol steps or go beyond police lines.”

Mastriano continued to say that it was a “sad day” for the country. 

However, Mastriano has continued to defend Trump on social media following the riots. 

In addition to Pennsylvania, the DLCC launched a digital ad campaign targeting GOP lawmakers in Arizona and Michigan.

The DLCC also launched an “accountability campaign” with a website “” that includes the Republican lawmakers present in Washington D.C. the day of Trump’s rally and members of the state legislature who signed onto the effort to overturn awarding the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden.

11 Responses

  1. Note, this site is an advocacy for Democrats site, claiming they have credence, and praising, boasting about themselves with themselves. Dems award Dems. Internet closed.
    If you say insurrection long enough, do you think we will believe you, when we know the good people who went to the rally to thank Trump and hear from him?
    Do you think if you say false claims about the election enough that we will believe as the left ? Conversely, do you think, if the internet hides Hunter, that no one will know of his Chinese, Burisma and Russian Mayor wife’s monies received?

    1. I believe what you are saying is, with the Capital Police being beaten by the Trump followers at the Capital bldg, there were “good” people on both sides??

  2. From Aside of comparing the asininity element a couple of your delusion and prevarication against or in support of liquor stores then you must be against blueberries.

  3. From Aside of comparing the asininity element a couple of your delusion and prevarication against or in support of liquor stores then you must be against blueberries.

  4. Can someone show me the commercial the democrats did when mobs were burning down cities throughout the country? I can’t find it…

    1. Aside from the asininity of comparing a couple liquor stores to the US Capitol, there is also the element of your delusion and prevarication. Seeing your response to an insurrection against our democracy is to posture whataboutism, then you must be in support of traitorous sedition.

    2. You are adding one and one and coming up with 127. The Capitol riots will be in the forefront of American politics for a generation and will define swing districts for Dems.

      1. How? The midterm elections will be based on Biden, not the Capitol. You think when people wake up in the morning they care about what happened in D.C? They care about when can I get a vaccine, will there be a stimulus check? How long until kids can go back to school? Not some Trump rally gone horribly wrong. If seats change it won’t be R to D, it will be the other way my friend.

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