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DNC Thanks Casey, Slams Toomey in PA Billboards

The Democratic Party’s campaign promoting President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill continues in Pennsylvania. 

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee unveiled billboards in Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre thanking Biden and Sen. Bob Casey for supporting the American Rescue Plan, while slamming Sen. Pat Toomey for his opposition to the bill. 

The billboard reads “HELP IS HERE” in large letters in the middle, noting underneath it that $1,400 checks were provided to people, financial assistance to reopen schools, and money for vaccines as well as a part of the COVID-19 relief package. 

Images of Biden and Casey are on the left side of the billboard with the statement “Thanks To” followed by their names underneath their pictures, while on the right side of the billboard includes a picture of Toomey with the caption “No Thanks” above his face and his name underneath it. 

“Democrats like Senator Casey passed this relief package, which is already providing Pennsylvanians with direct payments and resources to help manufacture and distribute vaccines, because they knew help couldn’t wait. Now, we’re making sure every Pennsylvanian knows it’s no thanks to Senator Toomey,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.

The Republican National Committee swung back. 

“Taking credit for money to reopen schools when they are taking orders from teachers unions to keep schools closed is a new level of hypocrisy for Democrats,” said RNC Spokesperson Allie Carroll. “We’d call on them to be honest with Pennsylvanians, but they’ve been lying about pretty much everything from promising $2,000 checks and more money for lifesaving vaccinations to the Biden border crisis.” 

Republicans have often criticized Democrats as being beholden to the teachers unions, specifically in recent months as the push for in-school learning has increased. 

In the lead up to the Senate special elections, Biden did promote passing $2,000 stimulus checks if the Democrats regained the Senate. In late December, then-President Donald Trump signed a COVID-19 relief package that was providing $600 to individuals who met income limit requirements. While some Democrats pushed for $2,000 checks after regaining the Senate in the American Rescue Plan, it did not receive unanimous support within the party as Republicans also largely opposed that amount. 

A CNN poll, conducted by SSRS in early-March, showed that 61% of Americans supported the American Rescue Plan.

These billboards, which will be up for one month in Philadelphia at I-95 and Girard Point Bridge and reaches southbound drivers going towards Philadelphia International Airport and near Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport on I-81 north of Exit 47, is just the latest in the Democrats push promoting the American Rescue Plan. 

In March, the DNC released a TV ad in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh highlighting specific aspects of the recently passed Democratic-backed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill and criticizing Republicans for unanimously opposing it. 

Biden also promoted the bill in a visit to Delaware County in mid-March and most recently delivered an address in Pittsburgh in late-March to detail his proposed infrastructure package.

6 Responses

  1. A sad attempt to turn the tables and lie to the American people. Democrats kept schools closed for a year and have further deteriorated our education system. Great, they sent $1,400 checks that cost every tax payer $1,800 to send out. Honestly pathetic. They’re crapping themselves at the prospect of a 2022 that looks a lot like 2010. Lastly, bashing Toomey? He’s leaving on his own idiots, maybe spend money that might actually effect an outcome? lol

  2. All the prisoners and illegal immigrants also want to thank Senator Casey for the $1400 from the taxpayers. Nine percent of the $1.9 trillion is designated for covid relief the balance for democratic party supplicants. What a disgrace.

    1. Please fact check your statement about prisoners and illegal immigrants.
      It is not 100% accurate.

    2. It is the same payment structure in the 3rd round to everyone who received it in the first two rounds of payments, which was fine with the McConnell Senate and signed by Trump, if you will recall.

      And no, illegal immigrants did not get any of these payments.

      1. THANKS. Your facts are great. What we need is honest conversations. Again thank you.

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