Election Day Is A Test of Voter ID Law









Tuesday’s primary will serve as a dry-run for the most recent voter ID law that was enacted a little more than a month ago.

The new voter ID law, which was signed into law by Gov. Corbett on March 14, still has numerous tweaks and is being forecasted as a “dress rehearsal” for the November 6 general election. In fact, state officials are still rushing to figure out how to implement the new legislation.

In an article by Newsmax.com, The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that “Tuesday’s election will be like holding a dress rehearsal while the writer is still working on the script.”

This identification law requires that would-be Pennsylvania voters present a photo ID that has an expiration date and is current.

According to an Associated Press story, IDs issued by federal or state governments, such as Pa. driver’s licenses, U.S. passports and military IDs with either an indefinite expiration date, or an expiration date that has not yet passed, are all acceptable. Additionally, identification issued from accredited Pa. colleges and universities, as well as ID issued by elderly care facilities, are all acceptable forms of voter ID.

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  1. I value the opportunity to vote and feel that it should be both secure and transparent. I am upset about the Voter ID Bill because there was no public discussion, no input from the voting populace, and the bill does nothing to create a paper trail so that people can be assured that their votes do count. The bill was literally rammed through the PA Legislature. I think this is a major issue for a democracy and I recognize that we need to do everything we can to vote out those who gave the people no say in this key issue.

  2. I wonder: how many election judges will really check IDs for people they know in the Fall? There are over 9,000 precincts in PA, and I can’t believe they are going to turn away angry voters and 80 year old ladies.

  3. I’m going to walk in and vote today. If ask for ID I’m going to tell them I’m not showing ID just to protest this Voter Suppress bill is wrong. Just another ALEC bill to controll their interests.

  4. Laura: Please tell them to vote! Today is a dry run for the new ID law, so even if they don’t have the ID they can still vote. However, that will change this fall.

  5. This is a solution to a problem that doesnt exist. I have a current license so no problem for me. I do however know several elderly people who do not drive anymore that cannot use there expired licenses therefore cannot participate in
    the election tomorow.

    makemake every effort to assist anyone who doesnt have the resources to obtain proper id in order top make their vote count. Democrat or republican

  6. I always hand my drivers license to them when I walk in, despite being known (and usually having a watchers certificate). I cherish my right to participate in elections. Too much blood was split to secure that right to do otherwise.

  7. When I voted for the first time in PA, nobody checked my or my wife’s ID. I was disappointed by this, but am glad to know it will be fixed.

  8. Tomorrow I will walk to the polling place with my ID, which I always have on me anyway. I will then present my ID to the poll watchers. Afterwards, I will rest assured knowing that we are one step to having our votes counted more fairly.

    No big deal.

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