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F&M Poll: Wolf Holds Solid Approval Rating, Trump Lags Behind

In the latest Franklin & Marshall College poll, Gov. Tom Wolf has the support of just over half of the state, while President Donald Trump trails in job performance.

51% polled believe Wolf is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as governor. 29% polled believe Wolf is doing a “fair” job, while 13% view him doing a “poor” job and 8% polled said they don’t know.

Wolf also boasts strong favorability ratings in the latest F&M poll. 54% polled view Wolf as either “strongly” favorable or “somewhat favorable”. This is a slight decrease from the previous F&M poll released in October prior to the election, but his unfavorable rating moved just 1% down from that poll as well. 31% polled view Wolf as “somewhat” unfavorable or “strongly” unfavorable,” with 3% undecided and 11% saying they don’t know.

The poll, surveying 540 Pennsylvania registered voters, included 254 Democrats, 216 Republicans, and 70 Independents from March 18-24, 2019. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 5.5 percentage points.

Trump’s approval rating trails the Governor, but has remained rather steady in Pennsylvania. 34% polled believe that Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as president. However, 36% polled believe Trump deserves a second term, while 61% say it’s time for a change.

Despite hovering in the mid 30s for job approval rating for nearly a year, Trump’s numbers at this point in his presidency are similar to President Obama’s rating a little over halfway through his first term.

Trump’s lackluster favorability ratings saw a modest increase since the October F&M poll. 38% view Trump as “strongly” favorable or “somewhat” favorable. 52% view Trump “strongly unfavorable,” while 9% view him “somewhat unfavorable” with 2% undecided and 1% saying they don’t know.

Overall, Pennsylvanians feel rather comfortable with the direction of the state and their personal finances. 49% polled believe the state is “headed in the right direction,” while 37% believe the state is “off on the wrong track” and 15% say they don’t know. This is rather consistent with F&M polling since March 2018.

32% polled think they are “better off” financially compared to the previous year, with 52% saying they are the same.

Unemployment and the economy leads the way as the most pressing issue facing Pennsylvanians with 15% answering that, while 14% say taxes are the most important problem, and education finishes third with 12% viewing that as the most important issue. A variety of other topics including crime, government and politicians and more failed to reach the double digit mark.

See the full data here.

18 Responses

  1. Why does Lt Gov John Fetterman always dress like he is in a Communist Government Position ?

  2. More of Terry Madonna’s agenda driven “polls.” How is Biden doing with the new allegations? No way to keep sanitizing I live in Scranton every time I run Joe.

  3. What people fail to realize. Polls no longer tell the truth. Only, unemployed people with nothing to do respond. I have voted my whole 32 eligible years. Never once filled out or responded to any polls. Rarely ever have the chance either. WHO ARE THEY POLLING? This is all propaganda.

  4. Here are the national numbers that you need to track. The day Trump was elected his national numbers were 37% favorable, 58% favorable, a negative 21%. Today his real clear average is just over 10 points better than the day he was elected (42.3 to 52.9). Election Day 13 million people who had an unfavorable view of Trump – voted for him. In modern campaigns candidates negatives skyrocket when they first go through the campaign and polls asking if you will re-elect with no identified opponent really aren’t reliable – when asked if someone would vote for the incumbent John Doe or anyone else – they often say anyone else, then re-elect John Doe once they find out who anyone else is. I’d say Trump winning in PA is tight, but not sure the Democrats will nominate a candidate who could beat him.

  5. Ok…the numbers are in and they are like “baked ziti”…they ain’t changing. So, what does that mean for the Dems? It means if they nominate a centerist candidate like Biden then they will win the Presidency. I think it is highly likey Dems get, AZ, Colorado and Maine for Senate in 2020 if Trump goes wacky and pursues healthcare demolition. Trump has proven to have made colossal mistakes and elected a Dem in Alabama for Senate which is like electing a Dem at a Pa Republican State Convention–HARD TO DO!!! So, Dems go smart and pick a middle of the road candidate in 2020 they win!

    1. Yeah, but only 1/3 is an improvement.

      We need to get the other 2/3 to vote out Toomey.

  6. As my math goes, Fair is a positive rating, so adding that 29% to 51% gives Wolf a whopping 80% approval rating.

    1. Does your math and expertise go so far as having a clue in the previous post that Stack was a Dem? You Idiot.

  7. There isn’t much “however” in this. If 34% think Trump is excellent/good then 36% thinking he deserves a second term is pretty much the same people within the poll’s margin (which is greater than 2% to being with).

    34% polled believe that Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as president. However, 36% polled believe Trump deserves a second term, while 61% say it’s time for a change.

  8. As the incumbent President, I will unequivicaloquially support Trump no matter what!

    1. Zakrey Bisell-

      “As the incumbent President” is a prepositional phrase. Prepositional phrases are to modify the pronoun that follows them. The word “I” (for yourself) is incorrect, since you are not President.

      Also, unequivicaloquially is spelled unequivocally

      Correct use for YOU would have been:

      1) As a complete dipsh*t, I will unequivocally support Trump no matter what!


      2) As the incumbent President, Trump will unequivocally support stupid policies that hurt the country, but gain his praise from his base, no matter what!

  9. There is no correlation between the Trump and Wolf Numbers. One has nothing to do with the other. Trump is still trending with Wagner/Barletta. The article downplays how poorly Trump is doing in the state. His re-elect number is 36%! But I also question the universe here. Wouldn’t it be easier instead of a long article to just put the numbers down?

    1. But this Repub rag has to do what it can for Trump. Even prevaricate and mislead.

      1. Guys…61% say it is time for a change for Trump. There is no upside to this number!

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