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Gansler Warns Employees Their Names Are in Lewd Email Report

email-logoThere is panic in Harrisburg right now.

According to Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer, hundreds of state employees were informed they’ll be named in the Gansler Report.

Apparently letters went out on Wednesday to anyone included in the special report concerning pornographic emails being distributed among the Attorney General’s office.

The recipients have until Monday to protest their inclusion although they don’t any details about why their names will show up in the report.

In response, Castor is attempting to calm the staff.

“Please don’t be anxious,” Castor wrote. “I am conferring with senior staff on how to proceed.”

The effort doesn’t appear to be working.

“People are in tears,” one person told the Inquirer. “Nothing is going on in the office now.”

Adding to the drama is the recently revealed news that the State Senate is set to confirm and swear in Bruce Beemer as AG on Tuesday.

It’s unclear how Beemer feels about releasing the report or whether Castor would put it out on his way out the door.

77 Responses

  1. It would appear that David Diano is behind the posting of the Bucks Cnty.. Barrister
    Something not looked at lightly. I would suggest he admit as such or will refer the matter
    To the proper authorities in this case in order to avoid any conflicts will be the PA. Attorney
    General’s Office.

  2. Diablow… that was so witty. Did you and Super Bear work on that response a long time?

  3. Diablow…..Id pick the best lawyer, the one who beat COTT, put him in jail and then laughed
    About it Frank Fina. Cya Stupid unemployed list seller.

  4. Spambot-

    The trolls don’t use their real email addresses to post here, so the moderators can’t email them back if they make a complaint about content directed against them. There is no chance that SpongeBob would risk his real email address. Truth has changed his handle from Jerry Mulligan. Did he change his email address?

    The TRUTH-

    1) I’m not Buck Co Barrister

    2) He has posted many times before.

    3) Someone using such a handle is clearly not impersonating an actual lawyer for the purpose of rendering actual legal advice, but just using it as a fun handle. He’s not asking any fees, nor producing any fake credentials to pose as a lawyer, so there would be no expectation of anyone taking any action as though they had receive legal council, or even cited a statute.

    4) If he posted under the name: Perry Mason, would you claim he was impersonating a lawyer as well?

    I really do hope that Brett Cott has retained a lawyer and gone looking for your ass (which appears to be attached to your neck). I can only imagine what kind of dim-witted lawyer you would pick to represent you.

  5. Nick: This is getting pretty childish and I think some posters have just learned about using sexual slurs as a weapon. You might want to change the page name to Pa political porn…just sayin.

  6. DIANO,COTT, look genius either one of you. How come everybody knows Brett COTT yet he still dosent know what’s being written on this board? Will somebody please tell him. Oh yeah we have right HaHU.

    My name is COTT and lots of money I steal
    HaHa Felon

    They sent to prison and every night I did squeal

    My best buddy Diano done ratted me out

    At the rest stops its only 20 I shout

    I hope mykids don’t grow up like me

    Cuz they’ll be going to jail and won’t be free

  7. Buck County Barrister aka Diano tell me Mr. Barrister who are you and who decided you make the rules.. You have nothing to do with this site. One question before you leave, can you tell me year in law school they taught you the word TROLL. I would rather send my complaints directly to you. That way I along with the ACLU know where to sue your ass for violating my free speech rights. Now if you are not a lawyer and posing as one that’s “impersonating a lawyer” under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and also of the Federal Statue I’m sure you know which sections I refer to” I suggest you go back down to the basement with Mom, Steve, Super Teddy, COTT in his prom dress and play scrabble. I got the first word
    COTTDIANOJER*OFFS. How many points did I get? Oh and about the ad hits nobody hits these ads it would only show support for COTT & DIANO Since Diano openly advocates his anti police rhetoric and COTT is a Felon there goes any law enforcement support. A jackass like you comes on and there goes anybody looking for a lawyer.. But you have a nice day and I’ll get that paperwork started right away.

  8. Bucks Co Barrister-

    Thanks for the comments/support on this particular issue. These guys haven’t figured out that I draw them out to reveal their hate (and stupidity), and now it’s too late. They are in hot water if their identities get exposed, as they’ve left a long trail.

    Given how this site relies on advertising, there is likely a trail of ad hits that can be linked to their IP addresses or cookies, as well as any log within PoliticsPA and their email address (if they used a real one).

    I don’t see any “privacy policy” posted. The comment policy is posted:

    Comment Policy:
    We strive for open dialogue and debate, and in politics that isn’t always nice or friendly. However, comments on the site must not cross the line into personal attacks. Criticizing someone’s ideas or job performance is in bounds. Personal attacks are not. Nor are efforts to impersonate others. Likewise hate speech and excessive profanity..
    Comments violating this policy will be edited or deleted.
    Note: If a comment is challenged by another reader for violating this policy, the moderator will send a message to the email address associated with the comment, giving the commenter the opportunity to defend it. Thus, if the email address used to post a comment is invalid, you forfeit your ability to defend the comment.

  9. I hope that the troll has a good lawyer. He is going to need one. Even if they did it on purpose, David and H3 got him to type disparaging things about real people. A commenter can say whatever they want about a made up screen-name like H3 or The Truth, but it is actionable if you disparage real people like David and Brett Cott. Mr. Cott need not even know it was happening. His attorney can get all the posts and then file suit against the poster. David probably should alert law enforcement if he has not already done so.

  10. The TRUTH (aka Jerry Mulligan”)-

    Are you asking “how did I know” about your former handle? It wasn’t that hard, and didn’t require any guessing.

    Identifying the OAG agent wasn’t a guess either. He shot himself in the foot when he visited my linked in page and left his footprint, as he had ZERO business as an OAG agent investigating a provide citizen. Whether or not I had linked him to kanesdriver, I still would have reported him and demanded an explanation why someone from law enforcement was looking into me. But, since I realized he was kanesdriver, I knew the explanation. Then it was up to his bosses to hear his explanation.

    Unlike you guys, I’m not that vindictive (and creepy) to pursue it further. He challenged and tried to bully/intimidate me here from his position of “power” and anonymity, and pretended he was untouchable. I kicked his ass and he ran away, merely due to me exposing his own foolish mistakes. His obvious panic at trying to roll-up his online presence was a bonus.

    I beat him fair and square. He went digging into my life, rather than confront me on the issues, and he shot himself in the foot. Game over.

  11. Diano….How did you ever guess cause we know that you aren’t that smart. I think it is you losing is as you made your crybaby post on the other area here. Wham Wham I accuse innocent people who I don’t know of stuff and I’m being stalked. Like I said there you just aren’t important enough to be stalked Davey Boy. Your intentional posts which are lies and nothing more than your imagination were challenged and refuted. You reveled in outing Kanesdriver. But when challenged said I don’t know what happened to him. You and HaHU COTT are losing it.

  12. The TRUTH (aka Jerry Mulligan)-

    You are losing it. Not surprising considering your weak grip on reality.

  13. Theresa, I mean Pat Unger….really COTT. You keep posting that Brett has a lawyer. Yawn Yawn Yawn, intimidation is a very ugly word Brett are you threatening me with legal action? Maybe you better pay that $60, 000 you still owe the state. It was Dianno told me who me about Brett.. Diano, you never followed up that was stupid but you the guy got promoted that’s what happened. Mommy has lunch ready. Beginning of the month you’re check will be in. You can go and splurge at McD not the one you were caught talking to the kids at the other one.

  14. Pat Unger-

    I really have no idea. If he got his ass reamed by his boss one day, that would/should be enough to teach him a lesson about posting sh*t about his boss, the AG, and trying to intimidate people.

    Once I reported him, I didn’t feel any need to pursue it. Sure, I’m curious what happened to him, but I won the battle here. He scurried away and tried to cover his tracks (the same standard of “admission of guilt” he tried to lay on Kane). If he has returned here, then he is really quite foolish.

    These trolls come and go. No one takes them seriously. The intelligent readers here see them for what they are and why they have to hide from the light like the cockroaches they are.

  15. The real Brett Cott has a lawyer. He says the real Brett Cott did not even know what was being said about him here by the troll (the worst of which was that he was raped in prison). No chance Ha3 is Brett Cott. But I hope that doesn’t stop the troll. He may go back to the usual (boring) FOXtard material (“Lock her up” …. BENGHAZI … etc.).

    David – are you saying you have no idea if Marsili still works at the OAG?

    Are you ready to stop engaging the troll(s)? He lives for you engaging him. No one else does.

  16. Prison …. Cott ….. Prison …. switch to “The TUTH” ….., DD …. Basement …. switch bact to “Unsanctioned R(etard)” …,. Prison ….. Lists …. Basement ….. Cott …… DD ……. misspell “Truth” again …. Cott …..Prison …… Polly want a cracker ……

  17. Pat Unger-

    I’m not surprised. He can’t type anything truthful.

    I don’t understand the basis for the claim that HaHaHa is Brett Cott. I know SpongeBob and his pals made the claim a while ago, but I missed seeing the post that made the accusation, with the supporting information/evidence.

    Kanesdriver maligned AG Kane here and other venues. He attempted to threaten/intimidate/harass me, so I just reported him to the AG office to deal with. I hope they did a forensic analysis of his work computers and search requests to see if he was misusing government resources.

    I have no idea if HaHaHa is Brett Cott, but I agree that the real Brett Cott would have a good reason to go after these guys for their comments and accusations about him.

    I would very much enjoy seeing their real identities exposed. They would be better off being on the porn email list than being linked to their posts.

  18. Pat Unger really HaHaHu really Bret COTT, there you go again COTT making up new identities and talking to yourself. You’re coming unglued. We should all contact the COTT family to see how they got by when COTT was in jail and there was no money left that he stole . COTT you’re such a derilic Felon. I’m sure it was nasty things just to keep the electricity on. Things get dark with no lights right Brett. Keep talking to yourself now I know why you weren’t allowed in a public grade school and had to be sent to a “special” prison.

  19. Not yet, Aaron. But it looks like you are going to be right again. Crazy.

    Back on point, though. Do the politicians in PA (Rs and Ds alike) really think they can continue to hide the truth?

    It’s coming out. It always does.

  20. David – He is also having difficulty spelling the word “truth.” Which is very ironic.

    If you were the one that “kanesdriver” maligned with his comments here, you should contact the real Brett Cott (yes – he is a real person). You could easily learn the troll’s identity – and then decide whether to sue. Same goes for the other commenter (assuming you are correct and there is another commenter).

    The troll thinks it will be “mutual destruction” when Brett Cott’s attorney comes after him. But he has not done his homework. It’s going to be very funny when the other shoe drops.

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