GOP Caucus Meeting Straw Poll Results: Senate

Ahead of the PA GOP’s winter meeting the regional caucuses hold straw polls of the state party members to measure support for each of the candidates.  

After three caucus meetings over the weekend, a clear picture of who has the inside track for the party’s endorsement is emerging.  Congressman Lou Barletta leads all five candidates in the straw polls so far with 124 votes.  The only other candidate to receive any votes was state Rep. Jim Christiana with 17 votes, all from the Central caucus.  

“I am humbled by the incredible support I received from Republican State Committee members today,” Barletta said after the votes.  

“Today’s votes are a clear indication that our campaign is gaining the momentum we need to defeat Senator Casey and send a strong message that Pennsylvania will be the top race in the country.”

Update: In the Southeast Caucus straw poll on Saturday, Barletta won again, picking up 62 votes in the poll.

“I again want to thank the caucus chairs and all of the committee members for the time and attention they put into this important process and for their hard work on behalf of the Republican Party. Our campaign is focused on uniting Pennsylvanians from every corner of the Commonwealth,” Barletta said.

2/3 Update: Barletta completed the sweep of the caucus straw polls with wins in the Southwest and Northwest Caucuses.

“I am honored to receive the support of the Southwest and Northwest Caucus members and look forward to continuing to unite people across Pennsylvania to defeat Senator Casey and advance our pro-jobs, pro-America agenda through the Senate,” Barletta said.

While the straw polls are non-binding, Barletta’s win in all six caucuses bodes well going into the party’s endorsement meeting this coming weekend.

Below are the caucus votes from the weekend.  They will be updated as the votes continue in the coming weeks.

15 Responses

  1. GOP making a mistake going with Big Lou. From what I see, he does not have the fire in the belly and is expecting Trump and Mitch to do all the heavy lifting. What a waste. When Casey unleashes his version of Fusion GPS on him, it is going to be ugly.

  2. I like and have liked Lou for at least a decade, when I heard him discuss what he was doing about the Illegals during a Temple Law School debate; his endorsement will make it more difficult to avoid endorsing a gubernatorial candidate as well.

  3. They can all thank themselves for letting former chairman Gleason lead them down a path of losers.
    Maybe with the new leadership things will get better.

  4. Glad to see the Republican State Committee getting this one right. Barletta is our only hope to beat Casey.

  5. I like Bobby Lawrence. He’s a business man not a politician. He stands for America 1st. He’s fighting the NPVIC and protecting people from losing their land. He’s a true American. You all should vote Bobby Lawrence.

  6. With all due respect, we learned in the 2016 election that polls mean nothing. Straw polls especially mean nothing. All that we have learned is that the GOP votes establishment. As a conservative, Christian voter my vote will go to someone who will stand up and fight for ME. My vote will go to the person who will defend and uphold our liberty and our constitutional REPUBLIC. My vote will be for Bobby Lawrence. I suspect you will find American citizens want change, we have had enough.

  7. All I can say is… Everyone who knows the name Lou Barletta is hitting for him without actually knowing a single thing about him.


  8. I would hope Jim Christiana would see the big picture and withdraw for the betterment of winning this election. As Jim continues his twitter feeds he is burning bridges and feeding ammunition to Casey. Jim is bucking the WH and that’s just not smart witch speaks to his judgement.
    Casey is beatable. Don’t blow this Republicans

    1. Truth. We need strong candidates with real American principles of freedom and liberty. No more RINOS.

  9. I like Lou Barletta as a person. However, he is someone who almost always will vote with party leadership. That is not necessarily bad. However, I like politicians who are not afraid to go against what leadership is pushing and who have the guts to stand strong for what they believe. His bright spot is his position on illegal immigration. That is his namesake and his bread and butter. Regardless, in my opinion, he would be much better than Casey.

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