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House to Consider Impeachment of Kane

Kane-sadKathleen Kane may face impeachment procedures after all.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, the State House is now considering authorizing an investigation into whether there are grounds to impeach the Attorney General.

Kane is currently facing twelve criminal charges, consisting of two felony counts and ten misdemeanors.

“It is obviously not our intention to interfere with any ongoing criminal proceedings,” State Rep. and House Judiciary Committee Chair Ron Marsico told Couloumbis. “However, it is imperative that we fulfill our constitutional oversight responsibility.”

This action suggests that the State Senate, which is weighing whether to remove Kane because of her law license suspension, is unsure if they should proceed along this route. The bipartisan committee assigned to this issue will announce their opinion on her potential removal tomorrow.

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  2. The troll’s probation officer is not going to like this …

    His unhealthy obsession with another man on the internet (ha3) is clearly getting the better of him. He is coming unglued (again).

  3. Making fun of minorities – like I do – is worse than saying “RETARD.” I am “Chris Martinez” and “Brandy” … and “Scranton Suck Boy” … and “James Whitaker” … and … … … … … Oh – and I am a RETARD TROLL.

  4. People have finally figured this thing out. The Clown Car is in a world of hurt.

    Bizzarro, one of the people on the House subcommittee, called the process “very political.” He went on: “The timing is very questionable, the circumstances obviously are questionable also,” he said. “But that’s neither here nor there, we’ll work with the facts that we have and push forward and make a decision one way or another. But keep in mind, the Attorney General is innocent until proven guilty, and sadly, the way things have been spun lately, they have operated under the assumption she’s guilty until proven innocent.”

    Even Republican Garth Everett said he doesn’t believe the Senate’s process is “the constitutional process.”

    This is all blowing up in the Clown Car’s face. Hope they have been fitted for their ORANGE JUMP-SUITS.

  5. The troll is at it again. But he is running out of material He’s now resorting to “mom’s basement” comments. Oh well. Trolls will be trolls.

  6. At least I’ll admit that my name is Frank Little and I beg for money online, unlike the trolls here like HaHaHa (or Pat Unger or whatever he’s calling himself today). Plus you’d have to be a moron or Kathleen Kane (same thing) to think that Kane can deflect attention away from her crimes with some emails.

  7. No, I think HaHaHa is totally owned. He can’t deflect away from the truth with his imbilcilli, moron ice posts that includes trolls and clown cars. Ha stop playing with your trolls yes the one with the pink hair and your clown car your moms calling you. So come up from the bssement. Mommy has your breakfast

  8. Katelyn kain aint never gonna bee impeeched cuz she been done grate job every sinc she beet thom corbitt and made him leeve his job as generale attourney butt he gonna come back to haresberg and run again if kain aint no run again this is fact,

  9. Glad to see the troll post has been removed. But why was it able to post in the first place? How hard would it be to recognize an imposter to the original posting name and block it? That should be elementary in establishing a credible blog site. There should be an adult in charge to at least insure authenticity of the person posting. This silly type in the numbers/letters “safeguard” (I’m human) is a bad joke.

  10. No matter what his psychiatrist and probation officer tells him, that stalker troll won’t stop typing your name, Ha3. Poor thing. He can’t even make up a new last name. Last week, “Brandy” claimed to have “Riley” as a last name. Do dumb. And totally OWNED.

  11. Scranton Sucks. You are absolutely right about HaHaHa. He is a moron who is devoid of any independent thinking and as such makes nonsensical statements about trolls and clown cars. As far as proving anything MS. Kane is entitled to the presumption of innocence but let’s not forget that members of her own staff testified against her at a preliminary hearing and she was bound over for trial. So HaHaHa go back down to your moms basement and keep thinking how insightful your moronic posts are and admit to the fool you were destined to be.

  12. Mental patient sklaroff’s head is going to explode …

    The sponsor of the House resolution, Rep. Garth Everett, R-Lycoming, said he doesn’t believe the Senate’s process is “the constitutional process”

    Of course it is not, Mr. Everett. Of course it’s not. I could have told you that months ago. lmao

  13. I like how the House rushes to the Press with their big news on Impeachment consideration … right before the Senate takes more non-action.

    Will the House have a committee to research the possibility of an investigation that might lead to a trial that would never prove anything that could impeach Kane?

    That’s the big question. But Kane’s words still hold:


  14. HaHaHa, we already knew that you are incapable of anything substantive. You didn’t need to highlight it. Try to keep quiet while the grown-ups talk, mkay?

  15. wait, what — whatever you do, don’t respond substantively to the RETARD troll/shill. We will never hear the end of him.

  16. Wait What — Stephens wasn’t named to that subcommittee until after he dropped out of the AG race. So if anything, that eliminates a conflict of interest. And please tell me what federal law is implicated by this.

  17. So the House subcommittee that is recommending charges was chaired by Todd Stephens? Isn’t he the same guy who just dropped out of the AG race? I mean you can’t make this stuff up. No one would believe it. Hey Todd, can you spell conflict of interest? Did you ever give the term a thought while you were simultaneously chairing the committee to remove the AG while you were running against her? Can someone please call the Feds? Hello? Anyone???

  18. Capitolwire: House panel approves resolution initiating impeachment process against Kane.

    By Kevin Zwick
    Staff Reporter

    HARRISBURG (Jan. 26) – The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday took an incremental step toward initiating an investigation to see if Attorney General Kathleen Kane “is liable to impeachment for misbehavior in office,” beginning a second process to possibly remove Kane from office.

    The full House has to approve the resolution and the earliest it could do so is February 8, committee staff said.

    The committee unanimously approved House Resolution 659 which would give broad powers to the Subcommittee on Courts, chaired by Rep. Todd Stephens, R-Montgomery, who was newly appointed to the post. The subcommittee, made up of four Republicans and two Democrats, would be given subpoena power to compel witnesses, documents and other materials.

    The House Judiciary Committee vote came the day before a special Senate committee is scheduled to issue recommendations to the full Senate about removing Kane from office due to her suspended law license.

    The sponsor of the House resolution, Rep. Garth Everett, R-Lycoming, said he doesn’t believe the Senate’s process is “the constitutional process” and thinks it’s likely to be challenged by Kane and get bottled up in the legal system. Kane also has publicly challenged the constitutionality of the Senate removal process.

    “There’s questions as to whether the Senate is running the correct process,” Everett said.

    Kane, a Scranton-area Democrat, believes the Senate’s process is unconstitutional and has said the Legislature should pursue the impeachment process “after conviction.” She is facing several criminal charges in Montgomery County stemming from the alleged leak of confidential information from the Office of Attorney General to a Philadelphia newspaper and lying about a cover up. She denies any wrongdoing.

    In a statement, Kane questioned why legislative Republicans were not instead investigating the judiciary over the controversial emails which Kane has publicized.

    “As a taxpayer, I’m wondering why the Republicans have spent so much time and money on doing everything they can to remove an independent attorney general who has an investigation by a special prosecutor into racist, misogynistic, and homophobic emails circulated by government officials, including Assistant United States Attorney from [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Rep. Marsico’s district, and the impact of this network on our judicial system,” Kane wrote. “Why isn’t the Judiciary Committee looking into the exchange by the judiciary and alleged cover ups by government officials to fix a judicial system that is clearly broken. I would hope that political fury does not trump a fair and impartial justice system for the people of PA.”

    The House resolution needs to be approved by a simple majority of the full House before the subcommittee can begin its investigation, Everett said. Once approved by the House, the subcommittee would investigate and make recommendations to the House Judiciary Committee, which would then decide to move forward with drafting articles of impeachment. The Senate would then hold a trial and two-thirds would have to agree for a conviction.

    The subcommittee consists of Republicans Reps. Stephens, Everett, Tedd Nesbit of Mercer, and Tarah Toohil of Luzerne, Democratic chairman Rep. Tim Briggs, of Montgomery, and Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie.

    Some Democrats expressed concern the resolution would give overly broad powers to the panel. The resolution does not set a timetable for the investigation and is not limited in scope. Everett said he left the scope and timing issues up to the subcommittee’s chairman.

    House Judiciary Committee Democratic Chairman Joseph Petrarca Jr., D-Westmoreland, said beginning the impeachment process “makes sense” but said he hopes the investigation “does not turn into a political witch hunt.”

    Bizzarro, one of the two Democrats on the subcommittee, called the process “very political.”

    “The timing is very questionable, the circumstances obviously are questionable also,” he said. “But that’s neither here nor there, we’ll work with the facts that we have and push forward and make a decision one way or another. But keep in mind, the Attorney General is innocent until proven guilty, and sadly, the way things have been spun lately, they have operated under the assumption she’s guilty until proven innocent.”


  19. Msg. @ 2:19 was not from me. I have tried to avoid all the crap on this site, please leave me out of it. Thanks.

  20. While we are talk G about prominent families and what they think of AG Kane: the Bush family doesn’t like Kane. But they won’t go public with it because the Republican AG in Texas is in Office despite being under indictment. Dick Cheyney wants to shoot her in the face. But Reagan’s gay son simply adores Kane. So, as you can see, it is a mixed bag for Kane amongst the Grand ol Party … LOL

  21. sklaroff, I’m not sure that the committee’s report tomorrow will include a recommendation. But let’s see: Governor Wolf has been lobbying the Senate to boot Kane, the Dems dislike Kane more than the Republicans do, the Clintons don’t want their most famous campaign staffer in the news anymore, and Kane’s only going to get worse for the Democrats as time goes on. The only thing working against an immediate removal of Kane is the precedent it sets for Dems.

  22. @ Ha3:

    Announcement tomorrow, per the above; judging from the tenor of the R/D queries, AG-Kane will be recommended for removal.

  23. To the real gulag — You are correct. But he is a cowardly RETARD troll. His fake comments should be (and usually are) removed.

  24. Harrisburg is not the only place that has staggering corruption. Check out the ethics of Judge Dobson in Mercer County, PA and how the Judicial Conduct Board folks (Robert Graci, Chief Counsel) protected him from discipline for ethics failure.

  25. DD – For the first time ever, I anxiously await the mental patient’s comments.

    sklaroff … Oh sklaroff … where are you?!? You assured us that the Senate would “soon” have Kane removed. “Forthwith” you typed (in between spoonfuls of Jello). As usual – you were wrong.

  26. Cold feet, indeed.

    And for good reason. They see that public opinion has turned against Fina & The Corbett Pervs. The Clown Car is just collecting “L’s” now. The Repervlicans in the Senate were smart to stay out of this circular firing squad. Of course – they were all set to do something completely unconstitutional until they no longer had the Supreme Court in their pocket. The corruption being exposed in PA is staggering.

    Wonder if the Repervlicans in the Senate will actually do their jobs and pass a budget now.

  27. Speaking of Frank Fina, there may soon be someone in the Montgomery County DA”s Office that will (finally) look into all the leaks of protected Grand Jury material by Fina & his pals out there. The guy is not a big fan of Fina’s Look for it to be announced soon!!

  28. Looks like Frank Fina is having a bad week. First – his master plan to “get rid” of the duly elected Attorney General of PA is an EPIC FAIL (Senate not going to act). And now Fina’s Penn State case is falling apart too. From ABCNews:

    Most of the charges against the Penn State administrators that Fina tried to rail-road were thrown out. The judges were very critical of the actions of prosecutor Fina. The Court found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” He assured a Judge that he was not going to do something and then went ahead and did it anyway.

    And of course there is still this, the e-mail Fina sent to his white male buddies:

    The Clown Car is running out of gas. And Kane is still standing. Amazing.

  29. More bad news for Seth Williams:

    I am sure Kevin Steele is PRAYING that the House moves forward with this Impeachment. That would require a trial and get him off the hook from doing the one that seems to never get scheduled in MontCo. He must see that the case is trumped-up nonsense. The Impeachment trial would surely make that clear. Steele must be reading the stuff that has been coming out on Fina. He must know that he is a corrupt, dishonest, unethical, racist, women-hating creep.

    Steele seems like a smart man. He must also know that prosecuting Kane for one alleged leak while ignoring the MANY leaks by Fina & The Corbett Pervs would appear corrupt. No – it actually would be corrupt.

  30. Observer-

    I was going to say something similar about their priorities relative to passing last year’s budget.

    Which is the larger number? —
    Number of months Kane has left in Office once the impeachment reaches a vote
    Number of months late last year’s budget will be

    I think they are actually dumber than they look, but they probably realized they don’t have the votes, or Wolf wouldn’t sign, or it wouldn’t get past PA’s new Supreme court.

    (Or, maybe they just didn’t want their own emails published) 🙂

  31. It sure does, David. The Rs in the Senate knew they’d be amongst the subjects of the next “Making a Murderer” documentary if they went forward with their end-around on the Constitution. They are not as dumb as they look – as they are the first people to say NO THANKS when invited to step into this circular firing squad.

  32. Well at least this is the appropriate forum to attempt to remove her from office. I think they should get to this immediately after they pass a budget that reflects Reality.

  33. “This action suggests that the State Senate, which is weighing whether to remove Kane because of her law license suspension, is unsure if they should proceed along this route. The bipartisan committee assigned to this issue will announce their opinion on her potential removal tomorrow.”

    That sounds like the Senate boondoggle has failed.

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