Jindal, Pawlenty to Greet Obama in Pittsburgh

Pawlenty, left, and Jindal

Two of Mitt Romney’s top surrogates will travel to Pittsburgh to welcome President Obama there. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota are holding a rally on Friday.

The two will meet with Republicans and supporters at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in the morning in what’s being billed as a Romney for President campaign event. They will,” talk about Mitt Romney’s vision for the future of our Commonwealth and our Country,” according to an email from the PAGOP.

Obama’s 2-day campaign bus tour ends in Pittsburgh, at Carnegie Mellon University, around 2pm Friday afternoon.

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  1. 1) it would be 13% or worse if McCain or Romney president with Bush’s failed policies.

    2) Nope. Hit highest under Bush.
    See chart: http://gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx
    pick 8-year range

    3) Obama prevented it from being a depression

    4) I was approximating to two digits. The Dow did climb back to 13,000 a few months ago (from below 7,000), remains close to 13,000 and hasn’t been below 12,000 all year.

    5) Syria and Iran ARE afraid of us. They are just glad that we are dealing with more important matters than them to give them are full attention.

    6) I’ve always had health insurance. I’ve been paying for my own for the past 20 years. And, paying for the freeloaders (probably like YOU, Don).

    7) Bush allowed the Iranians to interfere and dominate. Saddam was propped up by Reagan/Rumsfeld to fight proxy war against Iran in the 1980’s. (We helped them with WMD’s too). Iraq war destabilized the region, drained US economy, and provided a training ground for our enemies to develop IED’s and up their game.

  2. Obama record
    1) 8.2% unemployment.
    2) Highest gasoline prices in US history.
    3) Longest recession since the great depression
    4) David Diano – Pick up a newspaper the Dow is below 13,000
    5) No one in the world is afraid of the US and thus no one respect us. Look at Syria and Iran!
    7) Quit Iraq for the Iranians to dominate.

    Some record Mr Diano (aka Mr. DNC).

  3. Richard-

    “nothing to show for it” ???

    — bin Laden = fish food and the most of al Quada leadership dead or on the run

    — troops home from Iraq

    — USA more respected in the world. International cooperation with us (i.e. Libya)

    — 27 months of positive job growth after Bush left us bleeding 750,000 jobs per month.

    — Healthcare reform that stops insurers from denying coverage and gets the free-loaders who can afford coverage to chip in (rather than sponge off the rest of us when they need hospitalization)

    — Reforming student loans to lower the interest rates

    — allowing coverage for students and recent grads on their parents insurance.

    — DOW is back to 13,000

    — Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

    — Dropping ban on gays in military

  4. Wait, wait, you mean Obama bringing the National Debt to 15 TRILLION dollars is something to be proud of? 8.2% unemployment is something he wants to run on?

    We’ve had 3 1/2 years of you bozos with nothing to show for it but bankrupt green companies, continued high unemployment rates and debt as far as the eye can see. Please don’t tell Obama what comes after trillion, we can’t afford it or him.

  5. what message??the one from today or the one from last week???

    you could almost pity these two feckless fellows…almost

  6. BTW.. there was an article today listing Jindal and Pawlenty as two of the four people on Romney’s VP short-list. I guess it’s now a competition between them as to who bungles Romney’s message the least.

  7. I can’t image how Romney’s campaign could help Obama more, than by sending Jindal and Pawlenty as surrogates.

    When the Dems had a counter-Romney Wawa rally, we had Rendell, who’s actually a PA politician. Romney has to outsource a PA political job to these guys?

    After Jindal’s disastrous GOP response to the state of the union a few years ago, I can’t understand why anyone on a national ticket would want any association with him. As for Pawlenty, I guess he makes Romney look like he has charisma by comparison.

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