Kane Wins AG Race In Historic Fashion

Democratic nominee Kathleen Kane didn’t just simply win the race for Attorney General. She did so in historic fashion.

Kane will become the first Democrat — as well as the first female — to win the seat for Attorney General, defeating GOP hopeful David Freed 56 to 41 percent as of Tuesday night.

“I knew when I entered this race that it would be hard-fought,” said Freed. “I’m proud of the campaign we ran and the effort that my outstanding team put forward. I am grateful for the support I received from my colleagues within the law enforcement community and from voters across our great commonwealth. We’ll now come together, as prosecutors do, and endeavor to keep Pennsylvania a safe and prosperous place.

“I congratulate Kathleen Kane on her victory tonight and I look forward to serving the citizens of Cumberland County as their District Attorney.”

The race for Attorney General was by no means a clean one, especially when it came to the ad war which featured a claim that Kane went soft on a rapist.

Ex-Penn State Coach and convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky was also a hot-button topic throughout the race. The candidates’ claims as to how they would have handled the case, as well as a potential review of those responsible for prosecuting the case, repeatedly came into question throughout the campaign.

However, Kane was favorited throughout the race to win, and had support from key figures such as former President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

6 Responses

  1. Penn Staters were united in support of Kane allowing her to get the most votes of any candidate on the state-wide ballot. Just look at Centre County, home to PSU Main campus. Romney won by 20 votes, Kane wone by 11,000.

  2. Isaac, they can shred all they want, but when the investigation starts, the rats will give up their GOP masters. The only question will be how many years Kathleen decides to go back.

    Things will get very interesting in January when the questioning of future witnesses and/or defendents begin.

  3. Did anyone get a court ordered injunction on shredding documents at the Attorney General’s office? I imagine if not, the shredders were fired up around 11:30pm last night. I wonder what skeletons those closets are hiding after 30 years of one-party domination.

  4. Can we now finally send Bob Asher into retirement? Or back to State Prison where he belongs? RIP, Budd Dwyer.

  5. Freed: good candidate, terrible campaign, terrible selection process, and too much truth in being tied at the hip from owing to Corbett. The GOP tried the same page of the playbook from 2004, but this time did not have the benefit of a primary for seasoning and name ID, and ran into a much better candidate in Kathleen Kane. The world is about to change for Messrs Corbett and Asher. Bigtime.

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