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Kathleen Kane: “This is War”

Fina Kane“This is war.”

That’s how the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania described her conflict with prosecutor Frank Fina and Philadelphia DA Seth Williams.

She wrote this in an email to a media strategist, as revealed by the 42-page case presented against her.

“I will not allow them to discredit me or my office,” Kane wrote in the email. “This is war.”

Kane was responding to a March 2014 article in the Inquirer about the AG’s refusal to prosecute a sting operation in Philadelphia. The source of the information for the piece was Fina.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, Kane had her driver Patrick Reese look over employees’ email.

In fact, Reese was charged by Ferman for repeatedly reading emails related to the grand jury investigation of Kane.

Her deputy Bruce Beemer (who’s since been demoted) and several other top aides say she even threatened them at one point if they didn’t cooperate with her quest to find information.

“If I get taken out of here in handcuffs, what do you think my last act will be?” she stated.

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  4. eagleswing-

    I did read the text of the indictment.

    First of all, the grand jury was leaking like a sieve, so I’d be looking into it to find the leakers. A legitimate motive for access.

    Second, it’s unclear what, if any, “retaliation” occurred that was not based upon previous behavior. Kane’s detractors complained about how she argued and disagreed with her employees, and shifted away employees she felt were disloyal to her. So, it’s hardly a shock that those same employees that she didn’t get along with might testify against and might have already been on the chopping block.

    Third, defendants have the right to face their accusers and know the charges and evidence against them.

    Fourth, it’s unclear exactly what information was accessed. The search of emails seems to be a search for the leaker, as the employee emails shouldn’t contain grand jury testimony, unless people were leaking it. Surely, you wouldn’t deny Kane the right to investigate grand jury leaks if they might be coming from her employees? The judge and special prosecutor and the Montco DA have shown little interest in finding the leakers.

    Fifth, the suppositions about Kane’s driver are based on assumptions about who knows which logins and passwords. I know from my own experience in administrating computer systems that some people know passwords of other employees, even administrative passwords. Some people tape their passwords to the underside of their keyboards, on post-it-notes, etc. I don’t know if the AG’s office allowed users to pick their own easy-to-remember passwords, or were assigned ones that they had to write down to remember. My point is, that the user login is not definitive as to who actually logged in. Also, many people have the habit of walking away from their computers and leaving them logged in when going to the bathroom, lunch or a meeting.

    Sixth, part of basis for the login is a permission setting that put OAG instead of username on some printouts. Besides the question of who actually logged in, it’s unclear if that printout restriction could be circumvented without the permission setting indicated.

  5. David D, i suggest you read the text of the indictments before posting comments such as these.. reese was one of few who had access to an AG email system which he allegedly accessed in order to get info about witnesses appearing before the investigating grand jury–after a court order forbade such access, and retaliation against testifying AG employees.

    Ergo: . the AG private email system has far much more info of interest to mane’s henchmen than any newspaper.

  6. “If I get taken out of here in handcuffs, what do you think my last act will be?” she stated.

    LOL at least she was right about something

  7. 1) was Reese looking at emails to identify leakers?

    2) if he was looking for info about the investigation, the newspaper was probably a better choice

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