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More Chaos in the Attorney General’s Office

kane-sad2If you’ve been paying attention to this Tuesday’s primary and feel behind in your Kathleen Kane news, don’t worry there’s plenty to cover.

First, we learned that Kane’s Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker, the man accused of sexual harassment by two women, has been promoted.

Duecker will now have authority over personnel decisions. To put that more plainly, he’ll decide who gets hired and who gets fired. This decision was made after Kane learned about the allegations against Duecker.

Furthermore the man who used to have control over personnel matters, Deputy Bruce Beemer, testified against Kane during her grand jury investigation.

Naturally, this brings up the question of retaliation. The AG already fired James Barker, another person who testified against her. Kane is also under investigation for that action.

As a result of all this, members of the Attorney General’s office are reportedly looking into forming a union.

For even more background on these cases, feel free to peruse our extensive and exhaustive timeline of Kathleen Kane’s tenure and controversies.

8 Responses

  1. GHIJKLMNO — have you looked at the delay caused by Corbett’s AG’s Office in the Sandusky arrest? Two additional children were attacked and raped by that monster while Fina and his team sat on their hands watching bestiality porn.

  2. I saw a release from their Western District office in the child abuse division a few months ago where the charging document showed they had notice months before the arrest the guy was a pervert! The charging document showed the perv did more bad things during the delay! Where is the investigation of that investigation?!

  3. Bahahaha thanks to a series of the worst decisions made in higher office since the Corbett admin, the porn email controversy lives on exclusively in the heads of Kane sycophants. I for one applaud her decision to remain in office and therefore the news, dragging down her party and the Wolf admin with her.

  4. Observer, you’re hilarious. Kane has made one bad decision after another, and you refuse to see it. All you see is some dirty emails, which nobody cares about.

  5. So now we know who “leaked” that two year old story about Duecker – had to be Porn Stasher Beemer, who convinced Kane not to fire all of the Porn Boys Network. That was her only real mistake in all this.

  6. Like the Attorney General’s Office under Kane, this web site’s coverage of PA politics has really gone down the shitter.

  7. Is there some news in this story? What’s “more chaos” about rehashing the last month’s stories? What are you trying to accomplish here?

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