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Leach Gets Closer to a Run

LeachState Senator Daylin Leach (D-Delaware) has set the date for an announcement about his possible run for Congress.  

The Philadelphia Inquirer originally reported that Leach would be sending out an email to supporters giving them a date in July for his announcement.  In the email, Leach says the announcement will be on July 6th.  

Leach had been considering a run against Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware), sending out an email to supporters asking for their input.  

The announcement that he has set a date and is putting all of this work in for it makes it hard to believe he will announce anything other than he is jumping in the race.  

Leach ran for Congress in 2014 in the 13th district.  In that race, Leach raised the second most money, but came in third place in the four person primary.

14 Responses

  1. He should run. I can’t vote for him but I would support him and we need a person like him in congress. He works hard, he can be fun, work across the aisle. He cares about the people, and works for the people. He will fight his party and opposite party but also work with them.

    1. While you’re definitely right about him having good work ethic as well as being very personable, he will absolutely not be someone who works across the aisle. Meehan is a moderate that breaks with his party when he feels what they’re doing isn’t right for his district. HE is someone who reaches across the aisle. Leach is very much a partisan and far left champion and, while that is great for his supporters, he’s not necessarily someone that can represent the 7th district.

      1. Leach might be a Democrat, he has proven he can work across the aisle. You might want to check his record. Also, one big issue in particular is medical marijuana issues with Senator Folmer, but there numerous samples I could give. He also challenged the left and the right. Meehen reaches across the awhile when its safe for him to do it, and they don’t need his vote.

  2. Not a Snowballs chance in a Hot place down South does he ever stand a Chance of Beating long time incumbent Meehan . He is whistling past the Graveyard if He thinks he can win that seat

        1. [note self-incrimination as both leaker-in-chief and tool-of-Lynch]

  3. I might support him instead and for my polling will find him beating Meehan very easily.

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