Mackenzie to End Congressional Bid

State Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh) announced he is ending his Congressional bid after the state Supreme Court redrew Pennsylvania’s Congressional map.


Mackenzie has been circulating petitions for his state House seat during the petition season for state House seats.  The Department of State moved the time frame for circulating Congressional petitions in light of the Supreme Court’s ordered redraw the maps.

Mackenzie’s Congressional run was sparked by the retirement of Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) and was highlighted by a battle between Mackenzie and fellow state Rep. Justin Simmons including leaked text and Facebook messages until Simmons withdrew from the race.

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19 thoughts on “Mackenzie to End Congressional Bid”

  1. LVTP says:

    Can pretty much guarantee all of the comments below are from nasty Justin Simmons and people in the other campaigns so take them with a grain of salt. Ryan Mackenzie is a good state representative and does a good job for his community. I am glad he is staying there to keep fighting for us and against Tom Wolf.

    1. Oh puhleeze says:

      Spare us. And LVTP is clearly Ryan M or a lackey on here. Very poorly handled. People caught on quickly. Good luck ever trying to fool us again!

      1. LVTP says:

        Not so but say and believe what you want. I think my thoughts are pretty widely held in our area. You are just a hater and that is your problem.

        1. Oh Puhleeze says:

          I repeat…. Spare us. Keeping thinking your thoughts. He is now damaged goods.

  2. #NeverDent says:

    What happens to all the money that was donated to Ryan for the Congressional race? Will he be giving it back to the donors?

  3. Ain’t happenin’ Ryan says:

    Ryan MacKenzie was
    Toast when he rolled out the endorsements of fellow PA swamp state house members and the worn out has been Rick Santorum. People were not impressed. He was viewed as same old same old. He never gained
    traction after that. Good riddance

  4. Louis Lack says:

    They don’t teach political tact at Harvard?

  5. Make Philadelphia Great Again says:

    Hey Mackenzie Blew It, (or should I say Justin Simmons), grow up.

  6. Mackenzie blew it says:

    Mackenzie squandered this out of the gate. This announcement is no surprise. The position was all but handed to him on a silver platter. He was out of his league and not ready from the start. Immature petty exchanges with Simmons. Weak campaign message. Inability to connect with those outside his House comfort zone exposed him. Petty shots at Nothstein. And his daddy made so many calls on his behalf to the point of ad nauseum. Then it was just a matter of when after his botched attempt to run for two seats at once which he said he wouldn’t do. Grade F

  7. Zakrey Bissell says:

    will he be having any primary challengers or any general election challengers for his reelection race then.

  8. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I will support Ryan for reelection in 2018 then and he will probably will win reelection easily because it is a Republican District down there.

    1. Bakrey Zissell says:

      Hey weaseldick, why is it that you think anyone cares about your “support” for every incumbent running for any position anywhere in the Commonwealth?

  9. Sharon Callaway says:

    Once he lost the support and backing of Charlie Dent, things began to go array for Mackenzie!

    1. Lehigh Valley Phantom says:

      I heard Dent did nt like the conservative positions Ryab was taking. Dent is w the moderate candidate – Marty. Vote Dean Browning!

      1. yerkiddenright says:

        Browning is a schmuck who’s already lost in Lehigh County. He has no chance at all.

  10. Sharon Callaway says:

    Dean Browning will take the seat!

  11. LVTP says:

    Good call, good guy, but wise to sit this one out. He will have other opportunities down the road.

    1. yerkiddenright says:

      Down the road? So, in effect, you’re saying that Mackenzie is a careerist, a lifer? I have a problem with that. So do a lot of other voters.

  12. Ken Davis says:

    That seat will be blue in 18 anyway.

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