Mango Announces Campaign Senior Advisors

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango announced his campaign’s senior advisors, including a two veterans and President Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor for Pennsylvania.  

“I am thrilled to announce this stellar group of advisors who have the experience and track-record of winning the toughest races we will need to unseat an incumbent Governor,” Mango said in a release announcing the team.  

The senior advisors are Gen. (retired) Dan Allyn as Chief of Staff, John Brabender as Senior Advisor and Media Consultant, David Urban and Brian Nutt as Senior Political Advisors, Neil Newhouse as Senior Advisor and Pollster, and Nan McLaughlin as Senior Advisor and Finance Director.  

Urban was the senior advisor for President Trump’s campaign during the 2016 campaign and is a U.S. Army veteran.  Allyn is also an Army veteran, serving as the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.  

Mango, a veteran himself, has made veterans issues a central part of his campaign, launching a veterans coalition as his first coalition of the campaign.  

“It is impossible to alienate my veteran background, because that is who I am and that is what half of my campaign is about.  I am absolutely going to be hand in hand with our veterans,” Mango said after the launch event.

Disclaimer: David Urban is part of PoliticsPA’s ownership group.

18 Responses

  1. Ready to serve and ready to hand over my wallet to political hacks with loosing records

  2. Let’s be fair here! Mango has the moral and ethical fortitude to bring this state out of the Abyss. Turzai and Wagner has literally done nothing for Pennsylvanians. Turzai is running for two offices at the same time and Wagner is a RINO, so good luck with those two choices!

  3. The ol Tom Corbet team joining another boring candidate with no energy! Unless Turzai gets the endorsement from the party, Wagner will run away with the primary. Only candidate with a shot to knock off the wolf.

    1. He was the most energetic and focused candidate at the forum last night. The other three look ridiculous in comparison. Wagner missed 109 votes, endorsed an lgbtq bathroom bill, assaulted a campaign tracker, has a pfa filed against him by his own daughter, wont get the trade unions support, and can’t stack up to Mango in the slightest. He doesn’t even have a published plan. Everything Mango does, dictates a response from wagner. He knows as many other veterans like my self and my family know, that Mango is a serious contender with a serious team. Wagner is all buyoffs and smoke and mirrors. His social media has been in decline for months. He is genuinely despised by many on both sides of the aisle. He will alienate the city conservatives with his blundering brashness and the true conservatives with his rino BS. He is trying to ride the coat tails of the president and now his only ace in the hole (his bannon endorsement) is now worthless or worse.

  4. Good night Mr. mango you just selected the all time the bunch of political whack jobs.

    1. General Allyn is no political whack job. Anyone who would assume so is terribly ill informed. 4star general who was the recent Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, and Urban organized the Republican convention for President Trump. Sound like a bunch of Wagners PR people are trying to discredit this solid team. After the debate last night, I’d be worried if I we’re them also.

  5. What’s his opinion on 1) enforcing the death penalty 2) stopping Access cards to illegals 3) doing his sworn duty to uphold existing law.

    If he doesnt start talking about issues other than promising jobs and lowering property taxes…we have been hearing that for decades….then he’s just another Wolf in sheep clothing.

    1. He has talked about all of those issues expecting the death penalty. He is definitely rule of law and anti sanctuary.

  6. Still has not explained-away his support for Medicaid Expansion of ObamaDon’tCare.

  7. This crew burned a lot of bridges during Corbett’s re-elect. Mango should save his money.

    1. when shilling a comment section of an article under a half dozen alias’s at least try to change your writing style a little.

  8. All Mango needs now is a Johntown insurance agent and a SEPA candymaker to complete his roster of treadworn insiders.

  9. Good presentation but he’s still short on accomplishments related to public service. Not sure if folks will switch out one inexperienced businessman for another. Of course, that doesn’t apply to Gov. Wolf as he has three years under his belt and is still regarded well.

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