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Map: Voter ID Hot Spots

New information compiled by the AFL-CIO last week gave us a little more insight into the Voter ID numbers in the state. This week they also provided the full lists of congressional, state Senate and state House districts and how they would be impacted by the new voter ID law. And now we have the map.

The original estimate given by the Corbett administration said that only 1 percent of people would be affected. That was later amended to give a higher number of 9.2 percent, or 758,000 people.

Then, last week, the AFL-CIO said the number is closer to 20 percent, or 1.6 million. The information came from compiling and cross-referencing people who don’t have driver’s licenses and people whose licenses will have expired before Election Day.

Closing arguments in the case against Voter ID law are wrapping up today. Although the ruling won’t be final, such testimony and evidence that over 1 million people may not have an ID – and may not be able to get it in time – is making waves.

Especially given testimony by Secretary of State Carol Aichele, who said that “I don’t know what the law says” –  or how it works or how many will be impacted.

Even if the number isn’t as high as estimated, it is almost certainly higher than 758,000 – and, as the map shows, at a higher concentration in Allegheny and Philadelphia.

18 Responses

  1. Here’s an idea……why don’t you get off your lazy can and go get an ID??? It’s a heckuva lot less effort to do that than all the energy you spend whining about it.

  2. this is clearly a plan by the GOP to hurt the democratic vote (younger and minorities…typically vote more to the left) in a country that is supposed to be “by the people, for the people”…..something is being left out of the politics…THE PEOPLE (and no we’re not gonna count the corporations as “people” like some want us to believe)
    I think we are heading in the wrong direction! instead of the voting process become more complex, difficult and whatnot we should be making it easier…much easier!
    I personally think voting should be MANDATED! I think if your of age in the USA you should be required to cast a vote…everyone’s voice should be heard! I think it should mean everyone come election time should be required to cast a vote (for every public office that pertains to the area you live….especially President) but sometime neither or any of the candidates will be what a particular voters wants,so, the only thing I would add is that if that’s the case…..they should be able to cast a vote saying “neither” or “no one” . ie: “I vote for neither candidate”….so that everyone still “votes” even if they don’t side with any of the candidates.
    I really think that is the answer to a lot of problems we face…mandate voting in America. Imagine how much better these politicians would serve us the public if they know that every single person would vote. they would have to go with the public opinion of how we want things done (by the people for the people) instead of screwing the “people” for the corporations that dump billions in the political arena to get their way. They would have to truly be public servants to get into/stay in the USA political realm!
    Mandate Voting ASAP! lets take this country back…..FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE! *raises fist*

  3. The voter ID law would have more credibility if it were phased in over two years rather than 6 months. The workers at PennDot know nothing about free photo ID. This is clearly being implemented to hurt Obama. I hope the court over-turns it.

  4. ohh..and if you for some reason (and I can’t imagine why since you need an ID for everything including our government’s entitlement programs) you don’t have an ID and are too lazy to go get one, then you yourself are forfeiting your own right to vote. It’s your choice. You have the right to not vote!

  5. The Key word in all this is “may”…which means they’re pretty much making this argument up as they go…

  6. In The Myth of Voter Fraud [], Lorraine C. Minnite presents the results of her meticulous search for evidence of voter fraud. She concludes that while voting irregularities produced by the fragmented and complex nature of the electoral process in the United States are common, incidents of deliberate voter fraud are actually quite rare. … Minnite contends that voter fraud is in reality a politically constructed myth intended to further complicate the voting process and reduce voter turnout.

  7. What does fighting for our country have to do with this law. It’s a good piece of legislation in an effort to keep voters honest. My mother in law had an ID because she took the time to get one. Get off your lazy butts and get an ID and quit whining.

  8. I was really surprised that Mr. Cawley, in a Deposition, stated that, “the right to vote is not a fundamental one”, to which Mr. Walczak countered, “the right to vote is not only fundamental, it’s foundational”.

    I also question why this Act did not promulgate Rules and Regulations. I guess that those who were pushing for this Act wanted to expedite the enactment and enforcement of this Act, and did not want to be encumbered with something so trivial as Rules and Regulations, like other Acts. Had this Act required Rules and Regulations, this process would be going on now, rather than litigation to block it’s enactment.

    I could not believe that Mr. Cawley said that, ‘the burden to obtain (or secure) adequate (appropriate/required) ID is, in numbers, insignificant, therefore the Law should stand.’ As far as Mr. Cawley is concerned, he really does not care if a few hundred thousand, or so, will not be able to vote. And,throughout the trial, the Commonwealth was unable to produce any definitive numbers, one way or the other, as to how many voters would be negatively impacted by this Act.

    As far as I’m concerned, this litigation is not about the million, or half-million, or hundreds of thousands of voters who will be disenfranchised, but rather this litigation is about the ONE voter, who will be disenfranchised by governmental interference, in not being able to exercise their Constitutional Right to Vote!

    Voting is a Right, a fundamental Right, which should not be abridged by either bureaucracy or legislative process.

    If the Commonwealth wanted to implement a requirement to produce photo ID to vote, so be it, but it should have been phased in over a two or three general election cycle, thus affording everyone the opportunity to secure the required ID.

    And, yes, I attended the Hearings(s)every day.

  9. Reading for comprehension sets us free:
    “…82% supported requiring Photo IDs while only 15% opposed. The support was overwhelming across all demographics with 82% of men and women, 87% of WHITES, 61% of BLACKS, 77% of HISPANICS, 71% of Democrats, 93% of Republicans, and 86% of Independents in support.”

  10. The outrage over all of this is laughable and a sad commentary on how we cannot have a real conversation in this country. ID can be obtained for those seeking it. Claiming that our right to vote is being “taken away” is laughable and embarassing.

  11. A new Mason-Dixon poll of Florida voters found an overwhelming majority (82%) of Floridians support laws that require voters to present Photo IDs at the polls and a majority (54%), including 60% of Hispanics, favor Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s plans to purge non-citizens from the Sunshine State’s voter rolls.
    When asked, “Do you support or oppose requiring Floridians to provide photo identification at the polls in order to vote in an election?,” 82% supported requiring Photo IDs while only 15% opposed. The support was overwhelming across all demographics with 82% of men and women, 87% of Whites, 61% of Blacks, 77% of Hispanics, 71% of Democrats, 93% of Republicans, and 86% of Independents in support.


  12. VoteRiders are doing great work. But it is not enough. Racist vote supression calls for mass civil disobedience. The GOP Convention should be a principal target.

  13. There is no change that this law will stand.

    There is even less chance that voters will stand for it.

  14. Ithought people fought and died for the right to vote, and now they want to take it away from us . Ithought we were a democracy. we want other countries to have a democracy, and there trying to take it away from us. Shame on you Mr. Corbett.

  15. Kelly-
    Also the lack of ID is skewed against voters under 25 as well as those over 65, who are 50% more likely not to have the ID than their distribution by registration.

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