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McCord to Plead Guilty to Extortion Charges

McCord-sadFormer State Treasurer Rob McCord has been charged and pled guilty to two counts of extortion.

That’s according to court papers filed today.

The two charges of extortion were connected to a law firm and a property-management firm.

The maximum penalty for each charge is 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It is not yet clear if the plea agreement will allow McCord to avoid jail time.

The former State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate announced his intention to resign last Thursday. The next day, however, it was revealed he was pleading guilty to federal charges.

Update: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has posted links to the court case and plea argument.

9 Responses

  1. Rob McCord has always envisioned his face to be the fifth bust on Mt. Rushmore. Nothing wrong with ambition, unless it consumes you to the point where the means to achive an end becomes irrelevant. How you get there DOES matter and Mr. McCord would be wise to learn that lesson. Maybe his future cellmate will teach him ? From this point on he’ll be just another felon.

  2. McCord’s actions are indefensible and sickening, but there are also two other words that are sickening and indefensible – and closely related to what McCord did – they are: “Citizens United.”

  3. I cannot say I never liked Rob McCord. I have met him a couple of times at political events. However, he was definitely not my candidate in the election last year. Some of my friends thought he would be a more effective governor than the other candidates. I never felt that way.

    As an official in a position of trust, like State Treasurer, he should have the book thrown at him. Since it is a plea deal I assume he will get off lighter than he deserves.

  4. @Mike

    Don’t be a fool. Any “good” McCord ever did was a calculated political move to feed his ambition and stroke his ego with praise.

    Rob McCord is the very definition of a narcissist and a douchebag.

    In April and May while shaking your hand and giving fiery speeches he was actively violating federal law. A true narcissist, he thought he could win the primary and never be held accountable for his actions.

    Take the time to read the charges filed yesterday. They reveal a sick, arrogant man who would do or say anything for a vote, and use the hold he held as a weapon against his enemies.

    Don’t be fooled again by believing his phony apology. He took a plea deal.

    He will be forgotten and join the douchebag club with Ernie Preate. Ernie who? Exactly.

    PennLive has scanned the filed documents for your reading pleasure:

  5. I suppose I should jump on the bandwagon of “I knew he was a bad seed….” or “I never liked him.” But, I unfortunately lack the prescience of my fellow commentators.

    I met him a few times, heard him speak, and I was generally impressed with him. He seemed articulate and charming.

    I don’t condone what he did and certainly his political career is over. But, for a while, he also did good things. He had the courage to put his name on a ballot and serve. There is no need for us to forget the good in a man just to punish the bad.

    He is going to face the penalty for his acts. Is it really necessary for small men to feel bigger and inflate their own importance by kicking him while he is down?

  6. Well, I have to say, I got the impression that he was that kind of guy when he was running in the primary. It is sad that we have to deal with this, as Pennsylvanians, but also good to know that I can trust my gut. My gut told me that he was bad news.

  7. This is not the first and only time he has done this. There have been rumors about McCords “aggressive” fundraising tactics going back to his Treasurer re-elect in 2012. It finally caught up to him.

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