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Morning Consult: 48% Approve of Wolf

Governor-Wolf4-2-300x221In the most recent poll by Morning Consult, Governor Tom Wolf currently has a 48% approval rating.  

The poll is part of a national ranking put out by the Morning Consult of the most and least liked governors in the country.  Along with Wolf’s 48% approval rating, 37% disapprove, and 14% have no opinion.  

Wolf’s approval ranking has been holding relatively steady this year, but he is still in the bottom half of governors nationally.  

The poll was conducted from April 1 through July 10, and polled 10,087 registered voters.  Respondents were given the choices of strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, strongly disapprove, or don’t know / no opinion.

20 Responses

  1. I am glad he holds out and does not go along to get along. Wolf has his own vision of State government, too.

  2. Haha…take note the best ratings went to republican governors…out of the top 10…8 were republican, 1 independent and 1 democrat…

    1. Take note that the worst ratings also went to Republicans. Out of the 10 highest disapproval ratings, 7 were Republicans, 2 were Democrats, and 1 was an Independent.

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    1. You’re a joke. Trolling PoliticsPA at 3am, your life must be really enthralling. Party of Lincoln remember?

  4. Not bad numbers for a PA governor. It’s a tight state, 40% will always hate you. That being said, I’m surprised he’s that high.

  5. Gulag, when you’re on a team, good or bad, the first thing you need to do is recognize that you are part of that team. This is the second time Wolf’s “my way or the highway” has resulted in a bad end for the Wolf’s budget, something that a little cooperation could have ensured was done a lot sooner and perhaps with less rancor, especially on the Democrat side.

    People really wonder why Wolf didn’t seem to learn anything from the first time around, which did not end well for him. Members of his own party from the legislative side actually had to urge him to make a compromise.

    Wolf is also in desperate need for something he can take to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party base in support of his re-election bid. What, people might ask, has he done these past four years? Getting into fights with the Republican-controlled legislature doesn’t count for that much.

    Wolf does seem to have a good PR team in place, and by hook or by crook has kept his numbers up. But there is a lean and hungry look about some of the potential Republican contenders, and it is already late in the game. There seems to be no credible candidate on the Democrat side willing to challenge Wolf in the primaries, so at least he can count on the party machine’s backing. But will that alone be enough to get him re-elected?

    1. Seneca-

      So, it’s Wolf’s fault that the GOP controls both chambers and can’t take their heads out their asses to fund their budget?

      1. You are an angry little man, David. I hope you win the wrestling match with whatever demons you have.

      2. EvilBobCaseyIV-

        All the demons are busy helping you f*ck a goat in a pentagram.

    2. For starters, the PR could be better. Wolf is doing a much better job than people think. That’s part of an inexperienced team. As for the budget, it is absolutely mindboggling how a Republican-controlled legislature cannot get its act together. If Republican leaders cannot get agreement among themselves, why should anyone think that the governor of the minority party will be taking the lead? Turzai, Reed and Scarnati are NOT on the same page. How do you expect Wolf to move anything. As for the 48 percent approval rating, that’s pretty damned good in PA at this time prior to an election.

  6. Wolf has the same problem as a good player on a bad team. How can you put up good numbers when you have a GOP legislature?

      1. It is the Republican legislature that has caused the credit downgrade of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has been enacting budgets that has consistently overestimated revenue. How do they propose to fix their fiscal mismanagement? Simple, trick the poor, the middle class and seniors to throw their fixed income dollars by expanding gambling.

    1. Ask NBA MVP Russell Westbrook..he put up the best numbers on a bad team..I have a inkling that you probably aren’t a big sports guy, so I would refrain from using sports comparisons. The real issue is that Wolf is the most socialist governor in the country, so when he faces opposition by the GOP majority, he shuts down and doesn’t work with them…well…unless its heading into what will be a heated 2018 election and he wants to put a couple of headlines in the paper that is…

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