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NRCC Continues to Push Single Payer in PA-6

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is using information from Democratic Congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan’s Financial Disclosure Report to continue its push on single payer healthcare.  

In Houlahan’s disclosure, she shows holdings in Aetna, United Health Group, and Cardinal Health, three healthcare companies.  

Houlahan reports assets in each of the companies valued between $1,001 and $15,000.  

Houlahan does not collect any income from the assets.  

In a post about the financial reports, the NRCC asks if Houlahan’s holdings affect her decision to not take a position on single payer healthcare.  

Single payer is likely going to be a recurring theme for Congressional Republicans, as they look to divide Democratic voters in the primary, and get them on the record for the general election.  

PoliticsPA reached out to Houlahan’s campaign for this story.

20 Responses

  1. I wonder if the people who are against single-payer will not use Medicare when they turn 65. The problem in healthcare is not the doctors and medical facilities, it is the insurance companies. Tell me they are not for-profit when you see the salaries of their CEOs and the tall buildings they build. They exist to deny healthcare as much as possible. I am a senior citizen and Medicare is great! Medicare = Single-payer.

    1. Yeah, it isn’t single payer for all genius. The tax difference between taking care of everyone v.s. everyone over 65 is a littttttttttle bit different. I do enjoy the name “Chickin Slacks” though.

  2. This Bitch is like Hillary…please “fade away” from the spotlight. She simply is all-about bashing President Trump.

    The Democrats are really foolish if Hillary is allowed enought oxygen in order to RUN AGAIN, in 2020.

    Screwing fellow socialist, Bernie Sanders, inter alia reasons, did her in in 2016. She’s also a crazy Pro-Abortion lunatic. Please “FADE-AWAY” A.S.A.P.!!!

    1. EMILY’s List is a key backer of this nutty Houlahan socialist. This group is simply a Pro-Abortion advocacy group. The Democrats need to get Pro-Life if they want a chance at any viable future.

      NARAL and Houlahan in consort with Socialist Houlahan are what assure the GOP viability.

      1. She is worse than a socialist. She is a fake socialist. She sits there with thousands and thousands of dollars in Aetna and other health care stocks and will probably sell them off right before she takes her single payer oath. I don’t know how the Dem’s can stand putting her up against Costello, she is just going to get pulverized. I mean, Mike Parrish had a better chance and he probably doesn’t even know what single payer healthcare is.

    2. WOW! Where did THAT come from? I see you’re angry, but you just made a complete ass out of yourself. I understand rage, but this is a forum for debate, not debasing people. C’mon, man.

  3. The R’s are making the case for single payer by raising it at all. When people see its benefits, they will be for it.

    1. Yes, everyone will love their hard earned money getting thrown into the tax pool whether they use the system or not! I love paying taxes! Go taxes!

      1. Hope you have good insurance. Did you ever hold in your hands a $247,000 hospital bill for two months? That did not include the Dr.’s bill and other professional expenses, etc.

    1. I agree, I mean..they could just dodge the story, like Chrissy dodges whether or not she is for single payer..

      1. I dunno, maybe she has smart people working for her who suggest it is a bad idea to pander to the extreme left of the party and fall for this GOP political trap designed to obscure Costello’s profound and problems caused by Trump.

        Costello has been getting and following some poor advice of late — and in this case, deflecting, rather than managing his own perilous messaging (Jesus — can’t any Rs in this state communicate with Ds and Independent voters?), may prove a costly tactical mistake.

        Unless Houlahan’s advisers are in need of a brain transplant — and yes, this is a possibility, based on the DCCC’s track record and those of other Pa. Democrats (cough–the entire state house caucus-cough) — they will push back hard on Costello to force him to answer whether he supports the start of impeachment hearings, raising the debt limit, the budget and so on, and not fall for the Single Payer trap (pandering to the Bernie Bros buys virtually nothing for D Congressional candidates). Costello’s need not to alienate Trump Nation versus his need not to adopt wildly unpopular positions with 60% of the electorate puts him a rhetorical box.

        And yes, PoliticsPA is little more than a GOP release clearing house. Look at its ownership/editorial staff. There are actual journalists covering politics in Pennsylvania, just not on this site, which used to be capable of something like balanced coverage. This is, of course, what happens when you hire a GOP operative to run the site, rather than an actual journalist.

        1. You just typed a lot and said nothing. There is no “pandering” to the left or right, it should be her STANDING UP, BEING A LEADER AND SAYING HER POLICY POSITION THAT SHE BELIEVES IN. Not everything in politics should be what resonates best with the electorate, sometimes you actually have to have some confidence in what you believe, and in Chrissy’s case it looks like SHE BELIEVES IN NOTHING!

          Not communicating with independent voters? All of the SEPA seats are heavily independent seats…and wait…REPUBLICANS HOLD ALL OF THE SEPA SEATS (that aren’t in corrupt Philly), sounds like they’re communicating alright to me.

          Houlahan’s “advisers” will absolutely do exactly what you say, push back on Costello, but HER POLICY SILENCE IS DEAFENING! Everyone knows Costello and these other R’s won’t comment much on the President, but why the heck can’t a candidate tell us what her policy positions are?! And for your information, deflecting worked pretty well in the 2016 cycle, i.e. Senator Toomey.

          It reads to me like you probably voted for Hilary Clinton, I would be mad too if I were you. The reality is that the Democratic party talks about how out of touch the R’s have become, when really, it is them that is out of touch. Free Katy Perry concerts don’t move the needle the way that common sense policies do. Look no further than a 2016 election that saw Republicans knock the crap out of ever D available (whether they endorsed the President or not). As for Politics PA, I don’t know the guy, so it is hard to comment, but everything seems pretty balanced to me. I guess you binge watching CNN all day probably knocked off what true “reality” is.

        2. How is it an GOP clearing house? They put up Chrissy’s fake endorsements from fake groups every time she is “awarded with these great honors”. If anything, it sounds to me like you’re trying to stifle the voice of the free press and scare them away from printing the stories they want.

  4. Corporate Democrat Alert! What a joke, if she can’t pick a policy position than she isn’t fit for office! Head back to California.

  5. But of course her campaign is run by a bunch of yuppies who are scrambling to figure out what their policy positions should be on major issues four months after she declared lol. It is almost sad the Democrats wheel out these pathetic candidates.

  6. Who care? Single Payer beats no payer/TrumpCare. What’s Costello’s bright idea? Like Meehan and Fitz, he probably has none.

  7. The Republicans are so dumb on healthcare that they problem thing that married people don’t have to pay for “single” payer.

    1. “That they problem thing that married…” What!?! Who are you calling dumb, you can’t even put a sentence together bud. I think you’ve proved their point. Goodbye.

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