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PA-13: 16th Union Backs Boyle

Brendan Boyle 2013
Brendan Boyle

State Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Phila) won yet another endorsement Tuesday in his bid to replace outgoing Rep. Allyson Schwartz.

He got the backing of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers’ Local 13 Branch in Philadelphia.

In the statement Martin Williams, the Vice President of Local 13, said Boyle “has been fighting for Philadelphia working families since being elected to the state legislature. We are very excited about him continuing this fight in Congress.”

Boyle, who currently represents PA’s 170th House District which covers parts of Northeast Philly and Montco,.

“Growing up in a household of two union parents I know all too well the struggles of working families,” Boyle said. “While the Dow Jones continues to soar and the rich are getting richer, working families continue to be under attack. I am honored to be endorsed by the Boilermakers and look forward to being a strong advocate for them and all working families in Washington DC.”

Boyle’s campaign noted that this represents the sixteenth union endorsement for their campaign, having earlier won the support of the Pennsylvania Teamsters and the Fraternal Order of Police among several others.

Boyle’s strong union support is part and parcel with the backing of Rep. Bob Brady (D-Phila), a strong ally of organized labor. Brady endorsed Boyle back in April.

Boyle’s Boilermakers announcement comes just one day after one of his opponents, State Sen. Daylin Leach, scored the backing of the nurse’s union PASNAP. Other candidates in the race include former Congresswoman (and Clinton in-law) Marjorie Margolies and physician and activist Dr. Valerie Arkoosh.

9 Responses

  1. JG9785 – Boyle is not anti choice. He’s been asked. Check out his website where he states clearly that he fully supports Roe v Wade

  2. The dumbest political committee in the Delaware Valley belongs to Boilermaker Local 13.
    Ofcourse they endorsed several people in 2010 then sent larger checks to thier opponents who were going to win.

  3. I am NE Philly born and bred. Like so many of us who didn’t flee to the lily white suburbs I am proud of the diversity of our community. I am very proud to live in a vibrant Northeast Philadelphia community. I truly wish my neighbors who did leave would have given the new Frankford a chance. I met Boyle when he was working with my then rep and all around great guy Tony Payton on turning around the troubled schools around here. I would express caution to my fellow progressives in the ‘burbs that refusing to implement the change we need in our schools doesn’t make you a great liberal. It is actually a conservative position. We are all in this together.

  4. Salt of the earth??? You’re funny. Who gives 2 shits about what neighborhood someone’s from or whether they’re Catholic, Jewish, athiest and what school they once went to. Daylin is good on labor as well as education, choice, gay marriage and decriminalization of marijuana. I’m sorry we don’t need a sellout on issues when the district is so overwhelmingly Democratic. Boyle needs to run statewide or move to a district in a more socially conservative part of PA if he wants Congress.

  5. Maybe the trades are amused as I am with Daylin’s “I’m from the Northeast” campaign. I think when you leave a community around 1969 and don’t come back until you want to be its Congressperson your sincerity is circumspect. These men and women in the trades are the salt of the earth and just want someone who cares about their well being the most. Boyle is clearly the most genuine.

  6. Daylin also supports marijuana legalization and gay marriage. Good luck getting those out of someone whose supporters will be mostly 70 year old Catholic Notre Dame fans who didn’t go to college but are gung ho over them anyway.

  7. What is with all these unions backing Boyle? Hopefully the PFT (Teachers Union) backs Leach. Boyle is anti abortion rights and pro private school vouchers. No way he’s getting my support in a district that voted for Obama by an over 30 point margin. We need a full time Democrat against these Teassholes who will stick it to them all the time. Daylin Leach is it NOT Brendan Boyle.

  8. Does this article say that sixteen unions have endorsed Boyle?

    How many have endorsed each of the other candidates?

  9. Does this article say that 16 unions have endorsed Boyle?

    How many have endorsed each of the other candidates?

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