Saidel Drops PA-13 Bid, Brady Backs Boyle, Cohen Files

Saidel and Schwartz
Saidel, left, and Schwartz

Former Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel will not run to replace Allyson Schwartz in Congress. He cited support for former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies.

“Over the past few days, I have had conversations with Marjorie Margolies and national Democratic leaders,” Saidel told Philly Clout in a statement. “I respect the Clinton family’s support of Marjorie as family and friend and in recognition for her deciding vote for the Clinton budget cast 20 years ago this summer.”

He had formed an exploratory committee in March.

A Margolies candidacy would be a game changer in the race, which for now is a wide open primary in the Montgomery County/Philadelphia district. Democratic primary voters are split almost 50-50 between the southeast Montco and northeast Philly.

She served from 1993 to 1995 when PA-13 was a swing district, and thus far has been very restrained in her public remarks about a possible run. It is now a safe seat for Democrats.

Brendan Boyle

In the meantime, Saidel’s exist leaves just one candidate from Philadelphia*: state Rep. Brendan Boyle.

He boasted a big endorsement Tuesday in the immediate aftermath of Saidel’s exit: Congressman and Philly Democratic committee chair Bob Brady.

“I’m 100% behind Boyle. We need smart hard working guys like him down in Washington. I look forward to campaigning with him and working together with him in Congress,” Brady said in a Boyle press release.

“I’m honored to have the full backing of Congressman Brady,” said Boyle. “I have always had great respect for our party’s chairman and I am glad to have his support.”

He also said he had the endorsements of several labor groups: Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, Sprinklerfitters Local 692, Steamfitters Local 420, Plumbers Local 690, Ironworkers Local 401, Operating Engineers, Teamsters Local 115, IBEW Local 98 and the Transport Workers Union.

*Per Greg Giroux of Bloomberg News, state Rep. Mark Cohen (D-Phila) has also filed to run in Pa-13. Cohen was elected in 1974 and is among the longest-serving members of the state legislature.

Physician and activist Valerie Arkoosh and state Sen. Daylin Leach – both of Montco – have also declared their candidacies.

Many other prospective names have surfaced, too.

12 Responses

  1. @Jeremy and @13th Voter: To go through all of Brendan Boyle’s positions, etc here is impossible. From my personal experience, what first attracted me to him was his creation and sponsorship of the REACH Scholarship (based on the HOPE scholarship in Georgia). This is an initiative to make college more affordable. It is both a pocketbook issue and a macro-economic issue (i.e., attracting companies with a highly educated workforce).

    There seems to be a subtle requirement that Brendan prove his policy credentials and legislative achievements simply to counteract his relative youth. Older candidates do not seem to have the same scrutiny presumably because they have enough experience under their belts. However using this logic, Arkoosh should be denied the Congressional seat as she never passed legislation in Harrisburg. How much has Leach truly been able to accomplish since he (like Brendan Boyle) have had to face a Republican majority in recent years? U.S. history is replete with examples of relatively young public officials who have been the best ft for high-level government roles, and there is no reason it should be the case here. Perhaps some youth and vigor is exactly what is needed here.

  2. AbingtonD… you seriously think Leach would have a chance in PA-6 or even PA-7? You don’t beat moderate Republicans in Republican leaning seats with a bold progressive like Leach.

  3. Boyle has been active on a lot of really important progressive legislation including greater access to college education for middle class kids. He was also the sponsor of a bill providing a survivor’s benefit to the families of all police officers in the state killed in the line of duty.

  4. This is why I didn’t want to explain my position. I like Boyle. I think he is a GREAT state rep. He just needs more time before he can take the next step. Boyle is just not ready. He maybe better off running for Daylin’s seat as State Senator although I am unsure if he lives in the district.

  5. @JohnSullivan – Assuming that all you said is correct about Boyle having a great policy background then during his time in the PA House what legislation has he sponsored that eventually became law?

    I’m not asking just to be a smart alleck but I’ve heard lots of hype and criticism about Boyle. Lots of talk about where he went to school and where he lived. But at the end of the day what has he done from a legislative perspective that makes him stand out?

    Was he a back-bencher just voting along party-lines or was he knee deep on policy work. Is he really an advocate for constituents or is he just another opportunist politician seeking a fancy title while having accomplished very little from a legislative perspective. I want to get beyond the noise coming from friends, staff, critics and haters.

  6. Brendan Boyle is ready for Congress. His attendance at Notre Dame and Havard is not impressive for the names of the schools. What is impressive is that he was able to graduate from these schools and then win election to Harrisburg while overcoming a background without money or influence. It is the same type of background and path followed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    So, yes, Brendan Boyle is ready for Congress. His education allows him to discuss and decide policy at an intellectual level, and his background allow him to understand and empathize with people across the soci-economic spectrum. This is exactly the type of representative needed by the 13th: someone who can tie MontCo and NE Philadelphia together.

    The other candidates (declared or potential) all seem like good people, but none of them appear to have the same type of background to tie the two halves of the 13th together. The other candidates may be somewhat older than Brendan Boyle, but this is more than compensated by Brendan’s backround and real life experiences coming up through the ranks.

  7. All I’ll say is this….

    I’m wary of any candidate and their supporters who constantly make references to where they went to school. Stuff like that is very trivial because just about every candidate has graduated from somewhere. The ones who bring constant attention to where they went to school usually lack substance while touting their alma mater as a means to hide their flaws as a candidate.

    Let’s set the bar a little higher.

  8. Because when you go to medical school, you are ready for anything. Plus, Arkoosh can fundraise within the medical community.

    I like Boyle but he needs more time to earn his stripes. Leach was at least a state senator before attempting Congress. Boyle has some baggage with HDCC. I think he chaired it under this lack luster cycle.

  9. Jeremy
    How can you say the race is above his head, when say you like Arkoosh who has no experince. Boyle may only have been a state rep for 3 terms, but he went to Notre Dame and Kennedy school of government after living in Onley(I assume he went to Doc?) he is more qualified than Akroosh, not crazy like Leech, and not a has been like MMM. Shaprio would be the best cnadidate against him

  10. With the Clintons on board, it is going to MMM in a walk. Maybe Daylin really should look at Gerlach’s seat.

  11. This isn’t a good fit for Boyle even though I really like him. He seems over his head. iLife Leach, MMM, then Arkoosh in this race.

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