PA-13: Arkoosh Gains Momentum As Primary Nears

Dr. Arkoosh
Dr. Arkoosh

Physician Val Arkoosh’s campaign accelerated as the May 20 primary date approaches, garnering more local support as the days zip by.

On May 4, the Upper Dublin Democrats organized an Iowa-style caucus meeting where Arkoosh won a non-binding straw poll in receiving 57 percent of the votes against the other three Democrats she will face (State Rep. Brendan Boyle, State Senator Daylin Leach and former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies).

In terms of endorsements, Arkoosh obtained the local support of the Springfield Township Democratic Committee in a unanimous decision.

“The Springfield Township Democratic Committee voted to unanimously endorse Val Arkoosh for Congress because of her leadership in our community for over the last 17 years and her reputation for putting people first,” said Adina Birmbaum, chairwoman of the Springfield Township Democratic Committee. “We know that with Val in Congress we’re going to have an effective ally who represents the issues we all care about, someone who will bring people together and break through the partisan gridlock.”

Arkoosh also picked up the support of Abington Ward 1 Commissioner and Vice President of the Board of Commissioners Steven Kline.

“I have chosen to endorse Dr. Val Arkoosh for Congress because I believe her fresh voice will bring an optimistic view in a sea of pessimism and partisanship,” said Kline. “Val has exhibited a depth of knowledge needed to be effective with the energy and fresh outlook needed to advance the country and our district without being bound by old ideas, old leadership and old debts. We can all agree Congress needs a change and I believe we can do our part by electing people that will rise above all politics and do what is needed to benefit us all.  Val Arkoosh is that person and I am proud to lend my support in her bid to be our representative for the PA 13th Congressional District.”

Arkoosh responded to her new supporters with gratitude and confidence.

“This campaign is about electing a different kind of perspective to Congress,” said Dr. Arkoosh. “I’ve spent a career solving problems for and advocating on behalf of my patients and their families from all corners of Philadelphia, and I’m running to bring that same spirit to Congress. I’m honored and motivated that my own community is taking this step with me to unanimously endorse my campaign.”

Arkoosh’s strongest gain in supporters seems to lie on the local front. Along with these latest additions, she also has the endorsement of a number of MontCo Democrats and State Rep. Steve McCarter (D-Montgomery), along with the noteworthy National Committee to to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and several members of the national medical community.

9 Responses

  1. Any Democrat who’s been paying attention knows that the one candidate in the 13th who is not tied to Big Labor, Big Money, or the Party Bosses is Daylin Leach. Which is why he doesn’t get traction with traditional party leaders. And why he has such enthusiastic support among real grass-roots Democrats. Leach’s win this year will be another reminder that real Democrats want candidates with real Democratic values.

  2. Iowa style caucus meeting is who shows up. It’s not a real sample.

    And when does getting one’s hometown endorsement become “real” news.

    This is false equivalency given the other items mentioned in the 13th CD.

  3. I think Wolf voters (those beyond the name calling who aspire for higher things in government) will naturally gravitate towards Arkoosh if they take the time out to vote, so she will benefit from all of his spending as well as her own. I think she still leads all candidates in fundraising, so I am sure their combined ground game will be impressive.

    People will not be impressed by Boyle, unless they slavishly accept their Ward Leader’s choices (which may be the case). Margolies has run a terrible campaign through and through. Leach is too concerned about finding the 13th on a map in relation to his own house to have been able to run an effective campaign.

    Wolf and Arkoosh will surprise a lot of the old guard on May 20th.

  4. So, does anyone outside her hometwon support her? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

  5. She is a breath of fresh air. Would love to see a strong, smart, woman with MEDICAL EXPERIENCE in Congress so that when these quack white guys start trying to dictate women’s rights, she can step in and say, “Woah, woah – wait a minute.” Until Issa turns her mic off haha!

  6. “Tom Wolf of the 13th” —

    I think you’re right. Wolf and Arkoosh – Ph.D from MIT/ M.D. & M.P.A. from Johns Hopkins. This would be such a productive change of pace for the political world to have some independently minded (and independently wealthy) forces for good government.

  7. Any further details on the actual numbers? I heard Margolies had less than a handful of supporters. Her ship has sailed (20 years ago) and I bet her institutional supporters must be sweating bullets right about now (or maybe just looking forward to glad-handing Hillary in a few days). My prediction: Arkoosh, Boyle, Margolies, Leach.

  8. She’s the Tom Wolf of the 13th! She’s a wealthy person no one expected to do anything, who is running a brilliant campaign. She’s got my vote!

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