PA-2: Commissioner Gordon Eyeing Seat

GordonRep. Chaka Fattah’s grip on his seat in Congress is continuing to loosen, with another Democratic challenger stepping into his re-election race.

Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon said he sees PA’s 2nd congressional district as “a microcosm of America, a condensed version of all the challenges and opportunities” that people face in their lives.

Incumbent Fattah must fend off federal prosecution less than a week after facing Commissioner Gordon and Dan Muroff, the leader of Philly’s Ninth Ward, in April’s primary.

Though he has yet to receive Batman’s endorsement, Commissioner Gordon is sure to find traction in the race with his message of combating discrimination and creating an “environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible government.”

“I have great ideas to solve every issue facing us today, but I have one priority: energize the people,” Gordon said. “When we listen to one another and work together, there is no problem we cannot solve.”

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11 thoughts on “PA-2: Commissioner Gordon Eyeing Seat”

  1. GFC says:

    Tam, he thinks extracted oil and gas should be taxed like in almost every other state

  2. Lower Merion Dem says:

    Commissioner Gordon will make a fine Congressman! Can’t wait for him to get elected!!!!

  3. Tam says:

    I would like to know mr gordon’s oppinion of flammable fracked oil trains running from North Dakota through our county to the South Philly Rinaldi refinery.

  4. Frank Furness says:

    Brian Gordon is delusional. He has no following on the Board of Commissioners, and his own constituents regard him as a lightweight. Too bad that he does not need to resign from the Board to embark on this ego trip. He would not be missed at all.

  5. Jules Mermelstein says:

    Maybe Commissioner Gordon could get Batman to help him.

  6. Bala Dem says:

    Seriously doubtful Gordon would even win his own ward. He has no support, no respect, and apparently no self-awareness.

  7. GOP4LIFE says:

    Sorry! I stand corrected! Lower Merion is in CD2.

  8. GOP4LIFE says:

    So he is running in a district he doesn’t live in? The last time I checked Lower Merion wasn’t in PA-2

  9. Larry Kristal says:


  10. PhillyPolitico says:

    Brian Gordon either briefly flirted with or actually declared running for PA-06 in 2010.

    He’s going to need more than platitudes to win an actual campaign. “I have great ideas to solve every issue today…” Really Commissioner? I’m sure you do.

    Indicted or not, if Fattah is going to be the only black candidate on the ballot, he’s going to be hard to beat. Look at LeAnna Washington. If it was Fattah v. Muroff straight up, I think that was going to be a contest. But Gordon will eat right into the anti-Fattah vote.

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