PA-2: PPP Poll: Evans 37% Fattah 21%

Dwight EvansState Rep. Dwight Evans is leading the crowded field of candidates in the PA-2 Democratic primary.

That is the result of a PPP poll commissioned by the Evans campaign that has been shared with PoliticsPA.

In the five-person primary, Evans leads with 37% while embattled incumbent Congressman Chaka Fattah sits in second with 21%.

Rounding out the field are Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon (8%), State Rep. Brian Sims (6%) and Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff (3%).

The survey was also broken down by racial demographics. The 2nd district is 61% black and 32% white, while Congressman Fattah is the only non-white member of PA’s congressional delegation. Evans is also black but Gordon, Sims and Muroff are all white.

It doesn’t really matter much for Dwight Evans, however, as he leads among both black and white respondents.

Among blacks the breakdown was: Evans (46%), Fattah (27%), Gordon (3%), Sims (2%) and Muroff (1%).

Among whites the breakdown was: Evans (23%), Gordon (13%), Sims (13%), Fattah (8%) and Muroff (8%).

Finally, it does appear that Fattah’s legal troubles are the source of much of his trouble. For instance, PPP found that just 39% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the Congressman against 37% who have an unfavorable opinion.

Evans, meanwhile, posted a healthier 49/19 split.

This survey was conducted by Public Policy Polling from January 8th to 10th. They interviewed 790 likely primary voters and the margin of error is +/- 3.5%.

13 Responses

  1. Brian Gordon’s campaign is growing stronger everyday! He is challenging Evans and is making inroads throughout the district. Check out his campaign page for more information.

  2. Sims has zero legislative accomplishments after years in office but talks about himself like he’s Harvey Milk and MLK rolled into the body of an aged D-3 college football player.

    Inb4 Sims sees this thread, has a few drinks, and then responds after a few drinks at 2 AM or so.

  3. Does anyone understand why Sims is in this race? Other than his ego? What possibly could be his path to victory in this district?

  4. If he didn’t win the poll that he sponsored, I would have suspected foul play. I would do anything to see higher turnout. I am African American but I am looking for an alternative to Fattah or Evans in the 36th Ward.

  5. Sims would have been smarter to wait for PA-01 to open up. He is only 37 or 38. He has the rest of his life to run for Congress.

  6. Five candidate primary, three white guys running and Evans is breaking away with the white vote. It’s like the 2007 primary all over again, except this time Evans is Nutter.

    I just don’t see the upside for Sims in jumping into this race. He’s a downtown pol with no links to the district and is pretty much unknown to the black community. I don’t see how finishing at the back of the pack in a quixotic run is going to raise his profile.

  7. Dwight Evans is really rising from the ashes here if he’s able to steal away Fattah’s seat. He backed the right horses in both Kenney and Wolf and will get backed for this seat in favor over Fattah. Evans doesn’t really have an education, but I’ll take him over Brian Sims, who is one-issue socialite masking as a politician. Sims views are awful and he would make an awful Congressman for socially conservative Philadelphia. I have no idea who Gordon is, and by that logic he’s probably the most qualified for the position. Fattah should be in jail already.

  8. Probably name recognition, coupled with legal troubles for Fattah and ethnic voting.

    61% black and the black candidates total 58% of the vote? That’s no accident.

    Also, I suspect Brian Gordon gets 8% of the vote because he’s the only Montgomery County candidate. On the ballot, every candidate will have their county after their name, so a good pollster will include that because it’s info voters will have even if they know nothing else.

    Montco residents might be more prone to pick the only Montco candidate, all other things being equal.

  9. Given the poll numbers, are “tanning booths” a legitimate campaign expense for the white candidates?

  10. Good Choice for the PPP Polls did made because for Dwight Evans is the right Choice is to serve in the Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District in 2017 if elected in 2016, and for he’s not in any legal troubles at all.

  11. Evans and some of his backdoor dealings will soon come back to light. Lets elect someone that won’t get arrested in the first year in office.

  12. Brian Gordon pulled in 8% without spending hundreds of thousands on consultants and advertising, just hard work and making connections!

  13. Hey Brian Sims: people aren’t going for your showboating and lack of accomplishments. You take yourself way more seriously than the world takes you.

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