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PA-8: Naughton Releases First Ad (VIDEO)

Shaughnessy Naughton, Democratic candidate in PA-8, launched her campaign’s first ad today.

The thirty-second spot, titled “My message”, provides some background on Naughton’s biography and an explanation from the candidate on why she is running for Congress.

“I’m born and raised in Bucks County,” Naughton begins.

She goes on to describe how she left her career as a scientist to take over her family’s business. The narrative of turning her business around and cutting her own pay to benefit her employees echoes the successful message that gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has been making in his own commercials.

“I’m running for Congress because I’m tired of nothing getting done in Washington and the effect that’s having on small businesses and middle-class families,” she states. “The only way we’re gonna change that, is we change the type of people representing us.”

Naughton is running against veteran Kevin Strouse in the Democratic primary. Strouse premiered his own ad last month which was similarly positive and covered his biography yet also contained an unconventional humorous tone. Both Democrats are competing to take on GOP Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in the fall.

22 Responses

  1. Naughton went negative with a mailer claiming Strouse supports fracking in the Delaware River Basin. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that happens to be true. While I understand the reasons for going negative, and spinning an opponent’s position can work, gross distortions and lies can easily backfire. I believe her campaign has blown whatever slim chance she had.

  2. If you watched the debate it must have been with headphones on and the volume turned up really loud because that is the only way anyone could have missed Naughton’s stutterfest

  3. Neither Naughton or Strouse have any idea of how to “fix” Congress, other than to beat Mike Fitzpatrick and keep pushing the failed Obama

    Sorry kids, we’ve had enough of Obama and we certainly don’t need another Progressive Liberal in our seat in Congress.

  4. I watched those debates. Aside from some anecdotes about his (sort of) cute kids and his time in the service, i missed any deeply “intellectual” points or any inkling of preparedness.

    nice that he finally figure out he should wear a suit instead of a dirty blazer

  5. If you watched the Strouse/Naughton debate at BCCC, she was OBVIOUSLY a disaster . Naughton lacked knowledge and substance. Strouse came fully prepared. He not only graduated from Columbia University, but also received a Masters at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, with honors. The pseudo intellectuals of the Democratic Party will waste time debating who is more intelligent and support her just because she is a woman. The Republicans are laughing at us, and they will win if we continue to waste our time, money and resources. Strouse to victory on May 20!

  6. What makes her any more of an ‘intellectual lightweight’ than strouse? From what I’ve seen they’re probably about equally intelligent, he can just soundbite a little better.

    He also looks incredibly goofy but that’s really besides the point! ha

  7. Paul Roden talks about needing swing voters in the fall, while supporting an intellectual lightweight who runs to the left on everything–this is why we can’t have nice things, Bucks County.

  8. Stop all of this “nethering nabobs of negativism” already. All it takes is 50% + 1 to win. Shaughnessy has a great ground campaign. The Republicans are fighting among themselves with the Tea Party for Committee People spots. We outnumber the Republican Registration in Bucks County. The key in the fall will be the “swing voter.”

  9. i doubt this would be the ad they release if they do get on the air. also all things considered (and i don’t live in the district and have 0 affiliation to either campaign) aren’t they virtually the same candidate (except strouse has a military record and she is a business owner and women). beyond that i dont see any difference except maybe on fracking. i don’t see strouse as any more of a potentially good congressperson that naughton

  10. Congratulations on your fantasy fundraising numbers…what campaign? and your fantasy research…there is no source that says Naughton has made any ad buy and as for silly and flawed attacks the Strouse campaign has significantly out raised the Naughton campaign you can check the FEC filings (but since you were on a congressional campaign you would know that right) but beyond that Strouse has an impressive record of public service while Naughton seems to think that repeating her websites talking points over and over again means she will win which only demonstrates both her lack of political skills and knowledge of issues Naughton is an airhead who would be a complete disaster for Democrats in a general election

  11. All 3 of the campaigns I worked on raised over 1.5 million. So in that regard both of these candidates have some fundraising to do but that’s not the point. According to my quick research Naughton has made a small tv buy so she’s probably just looking for extra money to stay up on TV longer. Also, let me be clear i don’t live in the district and I don’t really care who wins, in fact if I were voting in the district I’d likely vote for Strouse… i’m just pointing out that your attacks are silly and flawed.

  12. The Strouse ad has been on the air for 2 weeks already. If this ad was going on the air they would have announced it as such instead of a pathetic plea asking to help them put it up. They’ve also been littering my mailbox for weeks, which they have to pay for, so there can’t be much left for TV. If this ever sees the airwaves it will be simply to say they went up–they don’t have the money for any meaningful airtime.

  13. If you really think more than double is not that much when you are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars then you must not have raised that much money and Strouse actually made an ad buy Naughton literally is using this ad a as plea for money because she cant make a substantial ad its the title of her contribution page on the ad…pathetic

  14. As someone that has worked in finance on a few congressional campaigns, I know what how much money it takes to make a substantial ad buy so comparatively speaking it’s not that much…

  15. Um… if by “not much more” you meant, “more than double” than yes, you’d be correct.

  16. So shaughnessy can read her own website good to know she can read at least

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